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  1. No please don't apologise Andy, I'm only too grateful for your help and guidance. can you tell me did the interior het a was or drybrush after paining ow was that all pre-shading? Cheers Keith P.S I'm currently working on a Bandai model and diorama, once its finished I'll try and post some pics....I would be very grateful to hear you C&Cs Andy
  2. Hi Andy, Great work as always... I got to ask, you said you used pale green (RLM 02) and Panzer grey for interior highlights.. Can you remember what brand of RLM02 you used? All the ones I seem to find of that colour reference are much more 'grey' rather than 'green'. thanks for all your help.
  3. Thanks Andy..... Your help is much appreciated! You truly do deserve the title of 'Master'.... If I have any more questions (and I probably will lol) I know who to ask.... thanks again
  4. WOW!!! Well Andy, What can I say that hasn't already been said...… That's a Master Piece!! I see in some of the previous posts you've shared the colour recipe for the hull and main body... and the 'how to' do the chipping etc. May I be really cheeky and ask the colour recipes for the other parts of the ship, cockpit, engines, underneath, wings (stabilisers), dark grey bits by the wings (stabilisers) etc Oh..... and the cockpit lighting is Fantastic, did you create that yourself or was that a brought kit? Many Thanks...
  5. Hello one and all from South London...... I have been viewing posts and pinching Tips n Tricks off of here as I've recently got back into 'model making' after painting 'GW' for years... and needed some desperate help on new methods etc etc.... So now I've bitten the proverbial bullet and joined the site to learn more and progress my own paining skills and technics as well as helping others with what little knowledge I have....lol Thanks for all your help and advice.....
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