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  1. I have a bit of experience in this area SF.  The last three models I've done have all been older kits, with older decals that I either wanted or needed to use.  I brush a coat of MicroMark decal film over the entire sheet when necessary, or just the decals I need at other times.  The directions say it's dry after 15 minutes and presumably ready to use.  In my case, it's usually a day or so before I get around to actually using them.   


    What I've found to work rather well is dipping the decals into quite warm water, just about a simmer really, or a might less.   I place an electric "hot plate" on my modeling table with a small pan of tap water.  I find it works best to hold them under 20 seconds or more.  I have had them come loose from the paper in the water and then I just grabbed the decal with tweezers and applied it right away.   The last ones I applied were from 1990, for the original kit decals, and a ProModeler aftermarkert SuperScale sheet from '96.  Those 31 year-old Monogram decals worked almost perfectly, with only one decal's corner tip lost.    


    It might be worth a try, and definitely try on a decal you don't just have to have!  I hope this helps and good luck with your decaling!  

    Cheer, Gary 🍻

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  2. 11 hours ago, Aigore said:

    Thanks Rob :)

    I found out a very easy way to blend the colors as they appeared on weathered splinter schemes. The answer is zinc chromate,  diluted and carefully you can fade all colors in a viggen splinter scheme because all the colors in the cammo are warm.

    so a mix of faded colors and pigments can really make that scheme pop and come alive.


    I have seen many tries on weathering Viggen and pretty much all have tried to fade each color if the scheme separately...and you cannot preshade under the cammo because it will look odd. Only way is to postshade it to get a good look.


    I agree with the compliments on the paintwork.  It is superb, and I appreciate your answer above too.  The zinc chromate you refer to is the yellow shade, correct?  And it is post-sprayed to blend the different camo colors?   Your technique produces very realistic results Aigore!   :thumbsup:

  3. 4 hours ago, BerndM said:

    Beautiful Kraftei and well photographed.


    That is so nice of you to say Bernd!   I thank you sincerely sir.  🍻

    4 hours ago, mick said:

    great work and photo


    Many thanks for the kind comments mick!  🍺

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  4. 3 hours ago, thorfinn said:

    I missed this on the first go-round. Beautiful work on the model...and your airport scenery really sells the image!

    Well done!


    Thanks thorfinn!   I really appreciate the compliments and the encouragement!  🥃


    And thanks also to all who left recent likes!   Much appreciated I assure you. :worthy:

  5. Thank you for posting this one.  👍 I've had that kit in the stash for 30+ years and have pulled it out and "played" with the pieces many times.  But, never attempted to build it.  Your great looking Scooter is so inspirational that I may just take a swing at my old kit before too long.  You've one a super job on the old girl! :thumbsup:

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