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  1. Thanks again gents. I’m learning lots. Now on to a Revell poliparkov monoplane. Nice kit.
  2. Now that is one great idea! In fact I even have an old one to try. Many thanks for the welcome aboard!
  3. Thank you Mark. You should write a book! All great ideas for me. Walrus progressing nicely!
  4. Thank you! In fact I have been making a 1/48 Airfix Walrus. Never used white glue before, great idea! Do you use a mini drill for rubbing down?
  5. The spray video is great isn’t it!? all the advice received with thanks. Im left here asking myself if common sense can exist for modellers? It’s more complex than a chap might think!
  6. Hey Mije thank you! Sounds like have a go and don’t expect perfection!! Story of my life.... Thank you. nice advice too on spraying fast coats. Quite an art I am finding!
  7. Thank you gentlemen! You are making me feel very welcome. Much to look forward to.
  8. Ah! Never thought of that. Any special kind of varnish?
  9. Hey Mije thank you! Sounds like have a go and don’t expect perfection!! Story of my life....
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new here and interested to know.... is it agreeable to use Poundland car spray paints. So much cheaper than any other option but.....? Would it make me persona non grata here to use polyfilla rather than model filler for those hideous gaps & holes? Thanks all,
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