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  1. Thanks each of you - much appreciated. I've not even heard of Zvedza so that will be an interesting search. Stay well!
  2. Hi All, my 17 year old lad is almost complete is building the Airfix Wasa. He's done a great job and what a relief from X Box! I am looking at a next project for/with him and see the Golden Hind & Endeavour seem to be available. Anyone have a view on how decent the moulds are & if these models offer a sensible progression? Thank you Paul
  3. Dear Melvyn, Thank you so much for these images. You are really very kind & these pics are of fantastic quality teaching me a bit about photography as well as WW1 aircraft. If you have a moment anything similar on the DVII would be great as I am embarking on a Microaces model soon on this type. I am very conscious of your health issues. Please stay well. You are very much in my prayers. Paul
  4. Aren't we great us modellers? A beer, a WW1 model & a dabble with a musical instrument. Nirvana. (ps don't tell too many we have life sussed)
  5. Thanks I’ve wondered sbout Mr Surfacer a long time! very reassuring I’m not alone at smuggling kits into the house. What else can a chap do duri g a virus lock down?
  6. Wow that Camel looks fabulous. Never used Mr. Surafcer before and it seems to be mentioned a graet deal. Is it worth using & why? nb as for guitars...I'm known to dabble myself. Is there some kind of relationship between modelling & guitar or other music? Something to do with stringing & rigging perhaps?
  7. Thanks for this. I’m going for a drilling into the wing. Not easy on a 1/48 DH2. This one may need heavy weathering fear! Great insights on The Red Baron. Had no idea he’d written a book. You’re right that info is confused on his exploits. Quite a fan of Manners cl and McCudden myself. Shame they are not better remembered.
  8. All may I offer a sincere thanks to you all for your support and goodwill. It really is great to know that we can keep the spirit and memories of these old machines alive. Very much appreciated.
  9. A huge thank you to each of you. I think I know a bit about aircraft & am increasingly interested in those WW1 types but really never had cause to see that so much was going on in a highly strung biplane. There look to be some great books around all this stuff (Leon Bennett, Gunning for the Red Baron) that may be worth a look? My Dad was an erk on Swordfish during the war which deepens the interest. How did these things make it into the air pre cad cam & computer modelling? Brave people.
  10. Hello! I'm building a 1/48 Roden DH2 and hope to do a decent job and perhaps have a pop at rigging which on this one ain't easy? What's the best glue to use on thr struts, CA? and Is there any idiot's way to rig such a type without it all ending in tears? Thank you,
  11. thanks Everyone. Really hard to judge this one. I’m thinking a soft weathered grey may be the way to go?
  12. Thanks!. Great images. That grey finish looks far easier to work on that the camoflage version! I had thought these flew at high altitude? Why would they go for the mottled finish?
  13. Thanks everyone! Looks like a simple grey finish may be best? There was I thinking these beasts were.shiny silver.
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