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  1. hey all I am looking for some info on the 3rd Anti-Tank Regt, of Canadian 3rd Inf Divison that landed on Juno. I am looking for the battery's that had the M10's and Achilles in them that hit the beach in the first wave. I think 94th and 105th but I am not quite sure if that is right also for the 5th Canadian A/T Rgt and the 20th At/ Rgt (British) I have looked and looked and c find the batteries bust as to who had what is what I cant find, can anyone guide me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!! Euge
  2. Centaur Thanks for that, I think I will do #75 of 13/18 I wish I had a namw ,so it is not he same tanks you always see ya know, And I swear #58 was a FF VC named Beth I did read somwhere also, I got to do more book marks, that 58 was a Mk V DD then got a FF and gave the DD to another crew soon after the landings so they could get another tank up. also it was with a Tank named Blight or Blighty when the got up on the road. I am not sure but It was from a B troop tanker that was a part of his diary or something said they lost # 50 and #52 on the beach.
  3. Greeting all I know this is probably a long shot, but I dont know if my research skills are up to speed as some of you, I am having a hard time locating a photo I saw of a 13/18th Hussars Firefly VC #58. I think it was named "Bell", "Beth", "Bett" or somthing like that. I know C squadron has been pretty much laid out in decals and photos. Now I am looking for info on that FF as well as the layout and numbering of 13/18 A sq, B sd I think they were 3tnks/5trps, I have also seen #48 I think was Borgia,Borgis I think it read. As well as their Firefly's or the 2 that were used as Concrete Busters Any help on the FF names of some of the Asq Bsq Tanks. PS. I think I read the caption was "Brigieville" or "Bourgiville" on the first of second day, second question is of similar nature but for the East Riding Yeomanry, how their C squadron was numbered, I do know they were 4tnk/4trop alignment. But trying to see how the FF's fit in I think they were numbered for the 2nd tank in the troop but single digit. So I was looking for any corrects to that or any info of the Firefly's in C Squadron would be Awsome. Thank you in Advance. Sorry again, but I am new to armor, but read a little about the units and their fighting there in Normandy and it peaked my intrest, . EUge
  4. Hey all can anyone help me out I need a copy of the 1/48 Italeri Tornado F3 Instructions. TIA Eugene
  5. Mish Im in for this with a 3rd Armored Division M4A3.
  6. I've seen this bad boy in real life and it's amazing!!! Great work johnny..
  7. Count me with a 8th AF p-51 also Ill post up my RAF Airfield Diorama as insipration.
  8. Count me in 1/48 F-16A ADF Portugal
  9. Thanks a lot all I think I am going to start of with the Panther in the basic yellow scheme of 1abt/4 Pzr regiment in Italy 1943-44 these are my plans in my head. Tamiya Panther A Early 1abt/4PzRgt Italy Dragon Panther A late 12 Panzer Rgt Normandy Dragon Panther D Early 51 Abt Kursk 1943 Cyber Hobby Pnthr G Command Ardeness Dragon Stug III Ausf F, Bulge 1944 Tiger I Early, Abt 502 Narwa 1943 Carius or Zwetti Tamiya M4A3 68th Battalion 6th Armored France Tamiya M4A4 69th Battalion 6th Armored Bulge 1944
  10. What a great day to start on my Birth Day. Count me in with a Tamiya M4A3 75mm.
  11. Peter Beautiful Work, What did you use for your white and the Blue?? I am Doing Moonshine and want to get me blue correct?? Thunder
  12. Thank you all for the encouragement it has been fun. My completed pics or posted in the completed area.
  13. Although not as good as you all, here is my entry. It has been great!! Alright I am calling her good. It has been a fun build for me and a great learning curve for my future Mustangs. So here are some completed Pics. Kit: 1/48 Revell Big Beautiful Doll Build: Out of box with hand painted markings except US and Fuel stencils. Paint. Vallejo Model Air Aluminum with, Gun metal/aluminum mix panels. Weathering: Tamiya weather master kit. Markings: 503rd Squadron, 339th Fighter Group. Fowlmere,UK 1944. Capt. Gerard P-51D D7-U
  14. Great Cockpit!! I have the same kit for my tuskegee build, ill be following with great intent.
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