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  1. Well the paint finally came and another 3 coats added to the fuselage! Here's a bit of cockpit detail.
  2. Thanks Dave, that's 5 coats over a grey primer, still needs a bit more on the fuselage sides but I ran out of paint! I have some on order so hopefully it will come for the weekend.
  3. I think I'm just going to have mine closed...filled..it will be in flight just for a change, hence the crew!
  4. @JOCKNEYIf you look on this pic you can see the flap in the open position...the tapered section in front of the U/C legs...wide part of cheese wedge to rear. They would probably be open when running up, taxiing or hanging about waiting to take off or as and when temps rose. They were operated by electro-hydraulic rams. https://www.alamy.com/avro-lancaster-bomber-wwii-military-aircraft-in-duxford-imperial-war-image5227804.html?pv=1&stamp=2&imageid=C0EE953B-7C22-4AD1-8EAA-1D8C3385E20D&p=11306&n=0&orientation=0&pn=1&searchtype=0&IsFromSearch=1&srch=foo%3dbar%
  5. You may also find that the radiator flaps under the engine nacelles are neither on the sprues or, mentioned in the instructions...more filler/card/plastic scratch-building to be done!
  6. An interesting observation regarding B MK VIIs and mid upper turrets; I have seen many photos of MK VIIs and Xs that have had the m/u turret removed. In almost all cases the MK Xs show that the strengthening plates were retained on the fuselage after turret removal. On the MK VIIs (particularly the French Aeronavale aircraft) these strengthening plates are not evident...were they removed when converted or were they never fitted with m/u turrets? Just thinking out loud as to whether to fit the strengthening plates without the turret or leave them off..there seems to be a lot of conflicting
  7. I left in about 1981...my Mum still lives there!
  8. VGY.ME has suffered a catastrophic failure apparently...fingers crossed for a resurrection!
  9. Hi Rob, I managed to miss your post somehow. That would be great if you could find some photos! I'm not a million miles away in north Herefordshire and spent quite a lot of time working near there off and on for a few years before I got back into modelling. I went there once for a Morris Minor Club meeting in my old Traveller (sadly now sold) and unfortunately failed dismally to get the ex Mrs. Worms to permit me to visit the museum... (she was interested in wartime stuff...as long as it was to do with the RN!). I was born close to there as well (Rushwick) and everybody knew someone or ha
  10. VGY.ME, the image hosting site that I use is down at the moment so unfortunately no pics of a white Lancaster!...I still can't get my head round the odd colour scheme
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