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  1. I haven't found any reference to the Spur being larger than a Mossie yet. They do fly with a Mossie in the book though and I'll be using the illustrated book as the major guide to the model (s?)
  2. Hmmm, just so happen to have a Revell 219 lurking around....
  3. Well, masking of the undersides is completed and the upper surfaces have received two coats of EDSG. This is Humbrol () acrylic but, I have spent since October 12th stirring and shaking the pot...I thinned it with my homemade thinner and applied very thin coats. The first one wasn't brilliant but the second coat seems to have gone on reasonably well. I also have Humbrol dark slate grey but in enamel so the acrylic will get a good few days to harden before I mask and apply the enamel....here's hoping!
  4. It's certainly testing my restraint...
  5. So, dash, steering wheel, handbrake and seats have been fitted to the floor pan and left to dry overnight. This morning's job is to fit the floor pan to the body...it doesn't fit with the seats in! The seats have come out, the underside locating steps filed back and re-tried...yep, 1/16" filed off and the pan and seats will just line up with the locating pins and wheel arches etc...what a mess this kit is!
  6. Might go with the text description for the 'enemy' aircraft....quite different...but I do quite like the look of the comic book type!
  7. I have a cunning plan for the flat panels and the 'turret'
  8. Well, the aircraft looks really interesting in the comic book but the description in the text of the original is very different....let's see how much time I end up with!
  9. Don't you dare....Not using Humbrol PRU blue again!
  10. Well I believe they were flying in tropical areas but, until I receive the pilot's log and the various anecdotal reports and supporting data I wouldn't like to commit myself....the British registration tends to hint at poor quality or old photographs giving a bias to the colours though
  11. Obviously can't start until I have some blueprints.....so I have ordered the relevant information
  12. Dashboard done, seats and interior done apart from gear stick and hand brake On the body front the door cards and front and rear valances have been fitted . Gear stick is 'going to the platers' with the scratched hand brake and wheels.
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