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  1. In between tending the sheep, working, and holding off on everything to watch England play a fabulous game against Ireland in the six nations ()....I was researching KGV's radar types. It would appear that the type 279 on both masts isn't represented in the kit, nor in Tom's Modelworks PE...oh well scratching it is the only way forward
  2. Thanks a lot, but judging by the progress you have made so far on that rather vague kit (I had a look at my Nelson last night and very rapidly opened another bottle of wine!) I should imagine that the paintwork will be very relaxing!
  3. Ha ha, cheers Jeff, having just been looking at NotDaMama's Nelson thread I'm glad I picked KGV! The fit and detail is pretty good...in fact the fit is quite tight in places. Boot topping....think I'll make a submarine next !
  4. I'm glad I went for KGV now and not Rodney.... You're making short work of the problems though, looking good!
  5. Amazing how quickly things progress when you remove the masking tape! The armour belt presents a problem with masking and paint bleeding and there are a few places that will need a touch up. The boot topping could be straighter and parallel too . The deck and all superstructure is just dry fitted at the moment. Loads of photo etch to do now....that'll probably slow me down!
  6. Lots of masking and painting going going on, re-priming the upper hull to lose the AF red over spray!
  7. I was looking for brass barrels in 1/600 but at 30 dollars a pop plus postage I thought I would try a 0.023" drill bit...quite happy so far! Acrylics are not only easier to clean up, they dry really quickly and, they mix really well. I am limited to a couple of model shops locally, all of which supply Tamiya acrylics which are almost foolproof...they must be!
  8. Drilling out the 14"ers was nerve racking...just another 6 to go!
  9. I've read all of the research that you have put into these paints Jamie and looked at thousands of photos and thought...hmmm, I'm not sure but, when you experiment with lighting and take into consideration the effects of old film, different conditions and mess about with paints and see what happens in different lights it really is amazing. You can reproduce effects seen in some old photos...amazing. Thanks very, very much for all the effort you have put in. I feel guilty that I haven't bought your paints now. Any likelihood of producing your paints in acrylics?
  10. And a couple of shots, admittedly of extremes of lighting that can really confuse the issue. Not much contrast in the first photo... But a huge difference in the second. The (well my version of) 507a,almost looks like pale grey! But believe me it is pretty dark. In some lights it looks really blue, in others, very grey...pretty good camouflage I suppose!
  11. Cheers Jamie, I convinced myself to go for a dark deck as I found a few pictures of POW that had incredibly dark decks just after her commissioning so the time period is right plus, I found this on the IWM site (© IWM (A 125) id: 727416). It's of HMS Rodney in 1940 and is entitled "Sailors scrubbing the deck..." but as you can see, their hands are stained in something very dark...
  12. Hi Pete, I'm going for May'41, the Bismarck action. In theory the wooden decks should be darkened to a dark grey. She definitely hax her decks darkened in October '41. Oddly, this is the second Bismarck action ship I have attempted that was a little inconclusive regarding some colours!
  13. Thanks for posting this Pete, I have found some info that when she got back from the USA from her Feb '41 trip 5 tons of grey paint was used to rejuvenate her...I firmly believe she was in 507A at that time but still not quite sure about the deck. Seeing as there is evidence that she was repainted I am erring towards believing that her deck would have been darkened at the same time....happy to be proved wrong though!
  14. Shall I send you my address to post them too?
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