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  1. Very very nice, awesome paint and weathering. Cheers Matt.
  2. 1/144 OMG!! Mind well and truly blown. A miniature masterclass. Matt.
  3. Wow!!. I thought my 1/24 spitfire was big, that looks enormous, fantastic NMF, the weathering is first class. Matt.
  4. Cheers aerotechi. Think I will crack mine open at the weekend, see if it comes out as nice as yours. Thanks again Matt.
  5. Very nice. I have one of these in the stash, any issues?. Cheers Matt
  6. Fantastic, I've just put one of those in the stash, but seeing yours I don't think it will stay there very long. Cheers Matt.
  7. O. M. G. That is sensational, a true modelling masterclass. Regards Matt.
  8. WOW! Your modelling skills amaze me, but your figures blow my mind, they are world class. Matt.
  9. Loving that, she's very nice. Well done you. Cheers Matt.
  10. Quid100

    New member

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I do have a few, probably to many to be honest,on the bench, /48 f15 /72 Halifax,/32 f4f /32 MIG 29 the list goes on, when I get some completed I'll post them up. Cheers Matt
  11. Fantastic, but I'm still not convinced you're not taking pictures of real aircraft! Cheers Matt.
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