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  1. Thanks for all the replies but ... WOW ! It's surprising how many worms you can get in one little can
  2. Wow ! Thank you so much for ALL the replies - what a great section of the forum this is. In my excitement (and before this thread really got going) I bought a Revell 320 from eBay so wish me luck with it :-) I do like the look of the MD-80 but couldn't see one ( uk based ) on eBay ( I prefer to pay using PayPal ) I would prefer to do my glossing afterwards and not as I go, so what is everyone's favourite gloss and how glossy should I be aiming at anyway ? Also what do you do about panel lines - darken them with a wash or just leave them alone ( or even fill them ? ) Thanks again ... Rob
  3. Hi Guys I am hoping that you can recommend a first airliner model for me I am looking for something with window decals - not too large a model for a first try - and in 144 scale please - if its not too expensive then all the better Any suggestions on what I should get ? TIA
  4. Hi Guys Thanks for the replies I don't have any plans and only found a few pictures via Google I know this would be a massive task but I am still quite tempted So does anyone know if decent plans are available ? Thanks for the tips WIP - would i then cover that fuselage skeleton with tissue ? PM coming your way ross
  5. I am fairly sure that Santa is fetching me a 24th scale Airfix Hurricane and I happened to notice a Hawker Henley in a full size classic aircraft mag and it got me thinking Is it at all possible or even sensible to attempt a conversion or are they nowhere near as similar as a photo might suggest ?
  6. ooh thanks Cliff - sounds like that might be really useful
  7. Hi Gang I have a project in mind that will stretch my (lack of) skills to way beyond their limit and frankly I don't have a clue about how to do what I want to do Now that Tigger is about to re release the ex ID Hudson, an aircraft I have fancied modelling I find I might be able to do in 32nd scale I would like to model a 1939 spec British Airways Lockheed 14-WF62 Super Electra I know very little about the real subject so don't know how viable this is but I understand that it is based on the Hudson or vice versa ? I spoke to John and he tells me that the kit is formed with a solid nose so that should make that part easier I think the engines are the same as a B17 so that's easy enough ( I would use the Vector items )but what would I do about propellers ? - and what about wheels ? My next problem would be getting scale plans - a Google didn't turn anything up for me and of course I would need some decent pictures of the interior - seating curtains stowage areas etc The specific aircraft I wish to build is G-AFGN ... I am way out of my depth in gathering the info I need and then building the model so I hope you guys can help me
  8. My 72nd scale Airfix 109 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=48793
  9. Been a slog this one but at last he is done I will be entering him in a model show at the weekend ( mainly planes and tanks ) so I had to rush the last bit - but all in all it's my best so far so I can't really complain. enough excuses - oh, except I am struggling with my white balance on my camera so maybe some better pics tomorrow .... oh and of course one so you can see he isn't really that big - eeek
  10. Thanks JJ I quite like my aircraft on sticks even if it seems very unpopular these days
  11. Here we are all done Quite pleased with it I think but I didn't do too well with the difficult to use decals but the whole kit cost me £5.01 from Relish Models so it seemed wrong to spend more than that on some more decals. I am sure someone who is a bit better could have got them to look just fine - luckily the silvering doesn't look quite as bad to the eye as it appears in the photos.
  12. Getting closer now Wheels on and the Promodeller wash on to define the panel lines and dirty it up just a little
  13. Some Klear and some decals Horrible register - loads of microsol needed for the shark mouth but getting there PS - I know the bat logo isn't strictly accurate for this serial numberbut I like it so I used it :-)
  14. Now with some paint ....
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