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  1. Looking awesome cannot wait to see the end product! Keep it up.
  2. This is so awesome!! Would love to be able to build these rare flankers myself can’t wait to see the painting phase! keep it coming!
  3. Fabulous work again! I learn so much from your threads.
  4. Awesome work! Didn’t realise that the Wolfpack fins were that big, looking forward to more progress
  5. I am so excited for this beast to finally be made in all its glory... if only I could get my hands on some of those resin parts! Watching with massive interest Serkan, love your work and keep it up!
  6. This is awesome! I’m definitely team sukhoi but I am very intrigued by your blackbird work keep it up!
  7. Amazing work! Maybe in the future you could produce those T10m parts for a conversion seriously awesome work merry Christmas
  8. Looking awesome! can’t wait to see you restart your T-10m project
  9. Wondeful model Serkan! Really admire all your work on all these different modifications! Would love to get a hold of several T10m parts to make some of the prototypes :) Keep up the awesome work can't wait to see some more updates!
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