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    I look forward to having a chat. It shouldn't be hard to find me, you know, the large, blue scaly betentacled, noisy one with antennae in a buggy. Martian
  2. Martian


    The kit looks very well moulded and should fit together well but the hull does come in four parts and may well need the joints strengthening. No big deal if one is aware of the potential issue. The etch brass for the outriggers may be a bit too two dimensional for some tastes but OK for others. The stands provided in the kit are woeful and some creative thinking is going to be needed on this front but I think I have a cunning plan forming for that. I would certainly recommend getting these kits as they are going to be easier than the Mark+1 models 1/720 kits. Ask me how I know this! My Grand Mother used to tell me of her experiences of Zeppelin raids during WW1and these will form the basis of a Zeppelin work in progress directly after Telford. I am itching to get started now but I have at least one build I need to get finished for the show. Martian
  3. Martian


    I have just taken delivery of the new Takom 1/350 P Class Zeppelin, with the Q Class from the same company on order. I have a lot of information on WW1 Zeppelins but am struggling to find out what the rigging supporting the tail surfaces looked like. I am given to understand that it is somewhat complicated and will probably have to be simplified a bit in this scale but I can only make out the odd wire in all the many pictures I have. Is any kind soul able to assist please? Martian
  4. For heads, read toilets. The Fire Brigade are still trying to extract Mr Halfront from the same. Martian
  5. Seeming not. He seemed to have had a change of gender, in order to try and avoid you but when I mentioned the Georgia incident, he started gibbering "wibble", locked himself in the heads and poured super glue in the lock mechanism. His staff have sent for the Fire Brigade, a team of very experienced negotiators and indented for one straight jacket (Extra strong, Generals for the use of). I hope he is a bit better in time for Tuesday and my next appointment. My hopes aren't high. Pessimistic of Mars
  6. Trouble is Melchie, if I start talking about your last visit, it is more than likely that I will be treating him rather than the other way round; which is kind of what I am relying on. Apprehensive of Mars
  7. Do what I do Heather, pile in anyway and sort the confusion out later! Chaotic of Mars
  8. Thanks Beefy. Good point about counting the rivets so we know whether Loren and Brandy are correct. Seeing as how I have had to glue everyone of the little buggers in place, I think it's very decent of you to "volunteer" to do the control count yourself. There it is; off you go. That would be a serious lapse of judgement that could have disastrous effects on the De Univers health. Glad you like the build so far though. Reasonable of Mars
  9. "Anything could happen in the next half hour"? At the speed I build, it's more like "Anything could happen over the next millennium Thanks Heather, that is extremely kind of you. Thanks Kev. That one thought is going to cause me some serious mental health issues. A good job I am seeing the shrink on Wednesday! Wibble! Disturbed of Mars
  10. More progress has been made over the last few days, mostly in the area of riveting, which should at least keep Messers @Brandy and @LorenSharp happy for a bit. If not I will make them count every rivet on the model and then demand a recount just to be sure they have the right number! I still have the underside of the bow and stern to finish but right now my brain feels like cabbage. At the moment, @general melchett after a night on Baldrick's Old Jockstrap would make more sense than me. Aside from the rivets, I have managed to get the conning tower hatches and their hinge mechanisms sorted out. Whilst the etched parts for the hatches supplied in the kit are OK, the portions that are supposed to fit onto the towers are way off. It was easier to dump them and scratch build the rest of the mechanisms. Once the rest of the rivets are done, I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel as regards construction and I think that there is a good chance that she will be ready in time for Telford. Thanks for looking. Martian
  11. A trot is also a lane cleared for seaplane/flying boat operations. A sort of runway on the water if you will. Martian
  12. I have often thought that it would be fun, if I had plenty of money, to charter a seaplane/flying boat and assert its legal right to land in Poole Harbour; just to see the chaos that would ensue, clearing the trot. I think the trot is a remnant of the multiple RAF, BOAC and FAA trots that existed during and just after the war. Slightly Anarchic of Mars
  13. Hmm , "shivers in the pale moonlight" , there has to be a song for my band in that phrase. Filling pin holes in resin or bashing out the next couple of hundred for a submarine; you pays your money and tales your choice! Good work Loren. Musical of Mars
  14. My understanding is that it is Baldrick that does the navigating. In the doubtful case of arriving in the right country, that would cause a mass exodus from the US. Better get cracking on that wall Mr Trudeau! Martian
  15. Coming to the end of a complete restoration, there had better not be any need for spares for a good while! I intend to use Sarah-Jane as my means of conveyance during my progress. If pitch up in the old Haunebu and even it I leave it parked at JFK, there will be some yokel in the back of beyond, on the other side of the States who will claim that I landed next to them and abducted them! The "I Didn't Do It" (in advance) Alien
  16. Sadly, to date, I have had to refrain from visiting the USA in order to avoid a mass panic. Just look what happened when H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds was broadcast on the radio. Heaven only knows what would happen if a real Martian turned up at JFK Airport! Actually it would more likely be New York Docks as when I do eventually get round to visiting, I intend to have Sarah-Jane loaded on to the Queen Mary II and do the crossing in the proper way. I am still expecting the same mass panic though. Martian
  17. If this isn't the proverbial silk purse from a sow's ear, then I'm a blue scaled, multi-tentacled alien from a red planet. Hang on a minute! Martian
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