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I suppose I ought to add something to this. I'm a retired Customs officer (you won't hold that against me will you?). Had to give up the job I loved on health grounds. Married to the lovely Gill, no kids but a gorgeous cat, Salem and a TR7 called Sarah-Jane. A lifelong Oxford United supporter, I have been modelling without a break since the age of 5 1/2; stuff just has to fit in round the kit bashing. I have been an IPMS member since February 1986. I also write songs and play and record in a band called the Innuendoes. I joined the Maritime Volunteer Service in 2015 as part of my voluntary work and in November 2018 was promoted to coxswain. Apparently, As a result of one of my recent builds and at the decree of our glorious leader, I have been appointed an (honorary?) Martian and given an entirely whole new meaning to the term "Illegal Alien"!

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