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  1. Try making a sentence out of the following words: "needs Raspberry to Blower go Specsavers the to, Helpful of Mars 👽
  2. Just in from our action news reporter, some more pictures of Telford, including the special guest stars, the Brockhouse sisters. In the final image they can be seen still arguing about that Zeppelin, even though there is a chunk of the real one, the newspaper front page and a large model of the ship in question behind them. I don't remember my Great Aunt Hilda being that stubborn! Embarrassed by the fracas, the Martian tries to look as inconspicuous as possible! If it weren't for all those Earthlings dressed as Earthlings I might have got away with it! The display was very well recieved at the Bugle Call show at Nailsea yesterday and we hope to be attending again next year with an even bigger and better effort. Thanks for looking. Martian 👽
  3. Having recovered sufficiently from Telford, I have spent most of the past week doing some more Zeppelin worrying. My "Q-cumber" Class is proceeding well and is nearly at the stage where I can start soldering brass, as is another R Class that I have on the go. I plan to finish the R Class in the later war back and grey scheme although I have not yet decided upon which ship to do. I will also be making an S and T class ship at some point as I want to cover the "Silent Raid" of 18/19th of October 1917 when a combination of wind direction and speed, cloud cover and radio silence combined with the result that the British had no idea that the raid was taking place until the first bombs started dropping. However, the same conditions resulted in the Zeppelins' navigation being way out and five of the eleven ships that took part in the raid were lost due to either fuel shortage or anti-aircraft fire over France. I will get some pictures of the Q and R Class ships up when I have finished the soldering, I am hoping to make a better job of it this time round. I have also begun work on the L.59, the "Afrika Schiffe" which, in November 1917, took part in a long distance attempt to re-supply the forces under General Lettow-Vorbeck who were still fighting the British in East Africa. Unfortunately an inaccurate Reuters report stating that Lettow-Vorbeck had been defeated, led to the ship being recalled. Lettow-Vorbeck however continued to hold out until the end of the war. The L.59 was specially lengthened for the mission and this involves another cut and shut job using twoMark1 Models R Class kits, this time adding six frames to the R Class hull. she will be longer than the L.70 that I recently completed. Larger flying surfaces will need to be scratch built and a set of later type of gondolas taken from the redundant parts in one of the kits used. Here is where we are at with the hull lengthened and frame lines re-scribed. Much sanding and polishing await my exhausted tentacles. Thanks forlooking. Martian 👽
  4. Well, I was wrong she did get a commended much to my surprise. Corrected of Mars 👽.
  5. Bait taken, hook, line and stinker. Sorry, I meant sinker, I get a bit muddled with your Earthling languages sometimes. Muddles of Mars 👽
  6. It's the Bide a Wee Home for "Resting" Melchetts actually; however, the drift of the name is essentially the same. The Graf can currently be reached at: Bide a Wee Home for "Resting" Melchetts, The Dungeon, Melchett Towers, Abandon All Hope Road, Much-Snivelling-in-the-Swamp, Wibbleshire LN66 6WB* *Visits from the Phantom Raspberry Blower by special arrangement. Helpful of Mars 👽
  7. Indeed, the family resemblance is uncanny to the point of being disturbing. Worried of Mars 👽
  8. We are mulling this one over. The event is attractive, the logistics of getting the display there less so. I am going to sleep on this one for a few days before deciding. Undecided of Mars 👽
  9. Those pictures were taken by Mrs Martian on her phone. A friend took some on a proper camera but I have yet to receive them. In the meantime however, try this linl{ https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=25066120362978886&set=pcb.6945810038840149 Taken by a fellow Zeppelin enthusiast at the show. Helpful of Mars 👽
  10. Clearly silliness is still alive and well north of Hadrian's Wall! Unsurprised of Mars 👽
  11. STOP PRESS! Just arrived from our action news reporter's Box Brownie, the highlight/most traumatic part of Telford for many: the visit of General Graf Heinrich Adolf Hogmanay Zeppelin-Melchett and of course @general melchett. This was prior to the "Knockwurst Incident! as can be seen by the absence of bruises and the fact that the Graf is still fully clothed. Martian 👽
  12. Mrs Martian is weakening. Would it be possible to have a similar number of tables as the display has outgrown the more usual twelve foot frontage? Martian 👽
  13. Possibly, that will involve much "persuading"/bribing of Mrs Martian though. Any volunteers to pay that particular bill? None Too Hopeful of Mars 👽
  14. Thanks Terry, I was somewhat taken aback by the level of interest there was over the weekend Cheers Badger. PM inbound. Thanks Bill, I felt rather humbled by people's reaction to the display. Hopefully we get you see the display before too long. We will be on the road again next year. Thanks Don. No chance of the old eye muscles getting lazy working on those things! Cheers, the gift voucher part of the trophy was found just in time to avoid the Comp Sec becoming the filling in a Martian and Martian minor sandwich. Thanks Loren, not sure about beer mats but Brockhouse Collection ale......... That's about 20p in proper money; not worth getting Baldrick out of bed for let alone a distinguished extra-terrestrial. I am probably going to have to write some sort of booklet to go with the collection though. Thanks Melchie. Glad you glossed over the bit where security had to be called to the incident involving the Graf, the Brockhouse sisters and a giant knockwurst. The Graf had to be rescued from the two ladies and was seen walking towards the first aid room in a very strange manner indeed! As indeed the Graf found out to his cost (see above)! Martian 👽
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