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  1. Thanks Hewy, much appreciated. Martian
  2. Thanks Occa, she could be better but she only started out as a quick (ish) mojo build. It just sort of got out of hand. Tends to go with the territory with my builds. Cheers Martin. Martian
  3. Thanks Joachim. The pictures are the size they are as a while ago @Mike asked people to keep the size of their pictures down a bit to save on the site's capacity. Cheers Miguel, It was the scheme combined with the type's appearance in the film "They Who Dare", that sold the subject to me in the first place. I also remembered the kit very fondly from my childhood. Thanks Ian, I have had great enjoyment, both from the kit and sharing it with the BM massive. Martian
  4. Thanks Bill. I am pleased to get her done and the way she has turned out. Usually I don't really like my builds for a month or two after I have finished then but unusually I do really like this one. After Telford, I shall be looking to see what can be done with another old kit, subject yet to be decided. Martian
  5. Thanks Terry. I understand Airfix are re-issuing this kit this year so go for it, its a lot of fun to build. Martian
  6. Following on from my build of the old Airfix Savoia-Marchetti SM.79, here are the pictures of the completed model. Build thread here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235048734-savoia-marchetti-sm79-lebanese-style/
  7. As promised, the model is now complete and even more astonishingly, the Martian finishes a third model this year!. I always put my models on a base and I found a couple of pictures of one of these aircraft sitting in some long grass, so I went with that as a surface as I feel that it sets off the colour of the model quite nicely. I will get a small brass name plate engraved tomorrow for that final bit of bling. Ladies and Gentlemen, as always it has been pleasure to model for you. I have enjoyed both the build and the world class banter that has gone along with it. More pictures in RFI. Martian
  8. Thanks CC. Thanks Johnny. The doors were indeed the wrong way round when the picture was taken. I noticed them when I was doing the pictures. They have long since been corrected. Thank you Earthling. Martian
  9. Thanks Bill, I don't think she is that good though. She should be finished sometime today. Martian
  10. Many a true word and all that; that is exactly.what I did with my SH-34 build a couple of years back, leading to a very stressed week getting her repaired in time for SMW. I was not a happy Martian! Thanks Thom and thanks for the heart attack you nearly gave me when you queried the Lebanese markings. Vengeance will be swift! Anyway, everybody knows that Martian roundels are Mr Blobby pink with a bright yellow centre. Thanks Phil, I'm glad you like her. Martian
  11. Thanks Steve, not quite an ending yet, I reckon I have a day's work left to do before she is finished. Martian
  12. Thanks CC. I am back on the Roc this weekend as soon as I have put the finishing touches to this build. No promises but I will give it my best shot to have it ready on time. Martian
  13. Thanks Woody, she should be in RFI within the next few days. Martian
  14. I couldn't have put it better myself! Martian
  15. Thanks Roger, still quite a bit to do though. Beer first then lie down, I've only just downed tools for the day. Should be finished this weekend. My reward? Busting my guts trying to finish the Roc that @corsaircorp keeps nagging me about. Thanks Tony, I doubt if the Red Planet will go that far, slightly less ashamed maybe. Thanks but not quite there yet. Its always the last few bits that seem to take the longest. Martian
  16. Thanks Ian, lets see if I can avoid stuffing it up at the last hurdle. It wouldn't be the first time. Martian
  17. The model is now sitting on it's undercarriage which leads to the "deliberate" mistake. A certain plonker of this parish managed to glue the undercarriage doors on the wrong way round! Following a bout of unprintable alien cursing, directed mostly at myself, they have now been removed and glued on the correct way round. I did manage to get the bomb bay doors on right though, probably because there was only one way they could fit! I put it all down to still being traumatised by @Moa's suggestion that I eat humans. The masking has been removed from the transparencies and the DF fairing fitted to the top of the fuselage. The landing light and navigation lights came from Little Cars' lenses. I think that another couple of sessions at the bench should see this build completed. I am in serious danger of finishing three models this year with a fourth in with a sporting chance of getting finished as well. @Mike had better get a team of councillors on standby for those BM members who cannot cope with such an unheard of scenario! Thanks for looking Martian PS; The pictures were taken before I noticed the undercarriage doors.
  18. Wicked Earthling! I meant the insatiable and incorrigible bit! I'm deeply hurt! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxI7B758XBQ Wounded of Mars
  19. A superb result Michelle, I look forward to your next project, Impressed of Mars
  20. I'm beginning to think I was lucky just having to cope with three symbols. The sooner the proposed Martian-Arabic dictionary comes out the better! Overwhelmed of Mars
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