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  1. I spent some time today spraying the base colours for the interior, which will now allow detail painting and hopefully some more eye candy updates. Martian
  2. I can't agree with that. We are all very nice certified lunatics and there are plenty of bonkers BM members across the pond to prepare Mike for his trip. Who knows? Mike may even be one of them. Remember the Britmodeller entrance requirement, "Must be completely gaga". Martian
  3. And I still manage to screw it up a lot of the time. I do admit that the time is fast approaching when we need a better camera. In other news, I primed the interior parts yesterday and hope to get some colour on them today. This is a bit up in the air though as I have had to spend a lot of time this week sorting out problems with my late Father's estate which has left me pretty much wiped out. Martian
  4. Tell Mme CC we can;t wait that long for medical supplies. Has she no compassion? Martian
  5. Thanks John, I have indeed been trawling the site. There's some really useful stuff there. Martian
  6. The new canopy has transformed the model. Martian
  7. So was there an approved luggage pannier or were things stowed on an ad hoc basis? Martian
  8. I remember it well CC, a bit on the tame side I thought or perhaps I didn't conduct sufficient testing? Martian
  9. That would probably go for a Royal Navy cab as well I would imagine? Martian
  10. As far as I could tell, people were heading in the direction of the nearest emergency exit. I was torn between scarpering or staying to protect CC's beer. In the end I sacrificed myself and chose to stay with the beer. Martian the Martyr
  11. Thanks John, that's very helpful. My stock of Canberras rose today when I accidentally ordered Airfix's T4 re-issue. What, if anything, was the bomb bay on a T4 used for? Martian
  12. CC, I note that your location is described as "South of Belgium". Would it not now be more accurate if you gave your location as "The Naughty Corner", given the amount of time you spend there? It would make it easier for people to find you Helpful of Mars
  13. Good to see you have got the picture thing sorted out. This is progressing very nicely. The only trouble is you have got me wanting to build yet another TSR2. Somebody stop me! Martian
  14. Why, o why didn't I keep my trap shut about doing a vacform tutorial? The wretched thing has taken on a life and momentum of it's own! You can call anything a cunning plan CC but only you and Baldrick would try it. Martian
  15. Brilliant pictures Chally, I think I am ready to start building now. Thanks John, those answer my query nicely. Very Grateful of Mars
  16. That would account for the size of the stampede. Martian
  17. Thanks Chally, that site is very good. I had not heard of it before you mentioned it. Martian
  18. The first thing I did was to sign up to this as I seem to have acquired quite a few Canberras over the new years and it seemed the logical thing to do. Thanks Chally, it would be interesting to see your pictures. Given that it was a mainstream type, I was rather surprised that a download of the main AP proved to be so unobtainable. Martian
  19. No, but the lovely Elaine may have impregnated the cloth with something when she was making them for you. She does have a slightly mischievous side and I did wonder why she had been seen buying itching powder. Perhaps all is now explained. No, it was my marbles. I have been looking for them for the last fifty eight of your Earth years. Martian
  20. I have to admit defeat again! I want to build an Airfix Canberra B (I) 8 or 12 during the lockdown but despite trawling the interweb for reference, I can't for the life of me find a decent drawing of the interior of the nose. I have plenty of pictures but with the interior being so dark, it is very difficult to work out the structure of the fuselage in this area an exactly what goes where. I have tried to find a downloadable AP volume one on line but have drawn a blank. I have some good reference on the weapons bay but don't know what the bomb racks themselves look like. Sorry to be a pain (again) but can anybody help? Martian
  21. Well, its a nice propeller but as to what @Moa is waffling on about, I haven't a clue. In fact I'm not even sure I can identify the language. Unwinese perhaps? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RRv35Ig2mg Confused of Mars
  22. They know where they can stick their kit: sideways! Martian
  23. No and Mrs Martian won't let me dream of the flesh and blood kind. Well, at least not those good looking ones of the female persuasion. Hen Pecked of Mars
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