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  1. Thanks muchly Johnny. Shakespearian king? Do you mean that Macbeth chap? No, just that some people claim that I am mad and say the word penguin after every sentence. In more relevant news, I intend to have Thursday off from all MVS duties and try and get this moved forward some more. The trouble is that Mrs Martian has been elected Head of Unit, making it a tad hard to go AWOL. Penguin. Martian
  2. Nice one CC, worthy of the General himself! Try and keep up Mike, everyone else has known that for ages! Martian
  3. I do wish people would read the small print before they sign up. Insanity is quite clearly stated as an entrance requirement! Martian
  4. Well, there's still that Mr Blobby scheme that you so callously pooh poohed the other day. I haven't decided much about mine other than the fact that it will be getting a lot of RLM76 applied to it for no better reason than I like RLM76. Martian
  5. What do you think I was doing on holiday? Just loafing around doing nothing? Penguin. Martian von Penguin
  6. That's Melchett, I'm a bit more down market and have to settle for bog standard battle y fronts. My GP gave up on me and said I would probably be better of consulting the vet. Will pictures calm us down? maybe, for a nano-second or two. Got it in one CC. Its the very reason I am here, the stuff they brew on Mars is gnat's widdle. The sensible course would be to build more than one. I'm sure Amusing Hobby would be prepared to oblige with further supplies. In fact you could have a whole geschwader of Triebflugels. Martian von Voice of Reason
  7. The short answer is no! Martian (Digging out his battle pants as we speak)
  8. Absolutely wonderful work on the boat, very impressed! Martian
  9. Hang on a minute! I didn't invent Britmodeller and I didn't invite some of the world's leading loonies to join. If you invite weird then weird is probably what you are going to get so I think we have to reconsider where the blame might be. Also, what could be weirder than bringing us lot together? I'm quite a sensible chap really, wibble. Outraged of Mars
  10. You are most welcome Tony. I wish I could have sen your kid's reactions. Martian
  11. The above couple of posts have reminded me of a couple of really strange dreams I had recently. In the first I had died and was told by St Peter to take a piece of chalk and write down all of my sins on each of the steps leading up to the Pearly Gates and then I would be let in. I had got just about halfway up and was starting to struggle for things to write when who should come charging down the stairs but @Mike, shouting "Out of the way Martian! I have run out of chalk!" The second dream was a bit more bizarre. In it there was a long queue of people waiting to be let into Heaven. At the head of the queue Saint Peter was explaining that there might be a bit of a delay in processing people's entry as the angels had gone on strike and pending a resolution of their dispute, he was having to prioritise who could come in and when. He started making his way down the queue and asked the first person what he had been when he was alive. "I was a carpenter" says the man. "Sorry" says St Peter, " We have plenty of carpenters at the moment. In fact JC himself is a bit of a dab hand so you will have to wait for a bit." The next person he asks is an electrician. "Sorry" says St Peter, "We only had the place re-wired last week, so you will have to wait as well." Things carry on pretty much along these lines until St Peter stops at a small unremarkable looking man. "What did you do?" says St Peter. "I was a psychiatrist." replies the man. "Great!" enthuses St Peter. "You had better come in right away, we have been having a bit of trouble with God. For some reason he has started thinking that he is @general melchett !" Martian
  12. I'm not sure that either Heaven or Hell will want me. I suspect the conversation will go something like this: "His halo has slipped so much that it is often mistaken for an ankle bracelet, so he can't come up here." Well he's not coming down here, like all Martians he will try and take over the place." "I know! Lets leave him to annoy the Earthlings for a bit longer while we figure out what to do with him." Martian (Hoping that God has a sense of humour.)
  13. Very impressive O Scots king (1005 to 1057) who shares a name with the Scottish play that we all must try very hard not to mention. Martian
  14. Its very true that the MVS has a very equitable pay structure, we all get paid the same: sweet foxtrot alpha! Broke of Mars
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