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  1. A while back @Mike stated that if I had not got the Amusing Hobby kit of this totally bonkers aircraft on order, he would be a monkey's uncle. I am delighted to report that he has been spared this particular ordeal as I have both the 1/48 Amusing Hobby and the 1/35 Mini Art kits. The initial plan, at least before the usual mayhem starts, is to do a straight build of the larger kit and use the Amusing Hobby offering to do a diorama. A certain General of the Parish has already promised to weigh in on the creative side of the diorama so there should be plenty of laughs there! I should have preferred the diorama to have been in the larger scale but size considerations have to come into play. There is a reasonable amount of information and even a book on this subject, so I will be looking to add a reasonable amount of detail to the models, at least when I have managed to recover my book from behind the radiator where it slipped just prior to Telford! I shall be using the brass undercarriage set that @Ali62 of Aerocraft Models made for the 1/48 kit as the supplied undercarriage is going to be way too fragile. Anyway, lets see where these bonkers kits lead us...………….. Martian
  2. And she's off to a flying start! Martian
  3. Even allowing for the fact that I was a Customs Officer, that is the biggest fib I have ever heard! Martian
  4. And congratulations to @Heather Kay for reaching the dizzy rank of Usual Suspect! I was unaware she had been promoted or I would have congratulated her in person. Martian
  5. I guess its out plastic card, super goo and baking soda time. Been there myself more times than I care to remember. Helpful of Mars
  6. I imagine that would be a clear case of needing to call the vet out? Although I can recommend a long weekend in Area 51. Martian
  7. Its looking great but I think I would bite the bullet and apply the stencils. Martian
  8. I think that I might have some difficulty disguising myself as Sarah-Jane, either the car or the Doctor Who character! Too many tentacles for a start. Never mind, people still managed to identify me. Martian
  9. Nor me, that's just some good old British eccentricity at it's best. I merely turned up in the traditional Martian costume as a mark of respect for you Earthlings. Melchie was just paying a penance that was three of your Earth years overdue. Martian the Vengeful
  10. Indeed, at this rate they will be ready for Telford 2029. Only if he pulls his finger out mind! Martian
  11. They will be lucky if the food is that good. Demos is noted for having the worst cooking in the Galaxy. It occurs to me that if Mrs Moa sees this thread, you are deader than a dead thing that is feeling a bit off colour. Concerned of Mars
  12. Sounds acceptable. Cash or banker's draft only mind. May I suggest they go to the penal colony we run on Demos? (postage and packing extra) Martian
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