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  1. May I join you then? She has been going on about a whole new look for us so even I'm worried now! Martian
  2. Noise? Me? I'm as quiet as a mouse. Silent of Mars
  3. You would never have got past Border Control if you had! The very thought! Traumatised of Mars
  4. This continues to shape up very nicely Bill. I hope your mobility continues to improve. Martian
  5. This sounds most interesting: following. Martian
  6. As it happens she is my best friend's wife, lovely girl, daft as a brush but lovely all the same. She can give @general melchett a good run for his money as I am sure he can bear witness. Martian
  7. I don't think that even Crisp would be daft enough to try flying one of these things/ So are you saying you bear a resemblance to Princess Kate or Josef Stalin? Good to know the 1/48 Firebrand is coming along as I helped with the research for this kit. Martian
  8. Today's efforts have seen the rear fuselage being glued together, along with the rest of the fins and rudders. I wanted to get this bit under my belt as it is crucial that the model sits properly on all four points of the fins and I needed to know whether any correction work was required. All seems to be well and I have had the model sitting on all four out riggers. These are currently setting prior to being cleaned up. Thus far, the kit seems to be going together very well with only small amounts of filler being needed. Famous last words I know but, by my standards, if things carry on the way they are going with this kit, don't see this being too long a build. The next job is to begin addressing the issue of strengthening the rotor root as highlighted by General Melchett. I suspect Albion Alloy's brass tubing will be playing a role here, As you Earthlings say, watch this space! Thanks for looking Martian
  9. Thanks General, as it happens, some form of brass strengthening is already on the Martian radar as we wouldn't want to see any drooping round here. Quiet Mrs Martian! Sorry to disappoint you Uncle Uncool but those pictures reflect real events and no Photoshop was needed. The General donned his battle pants of his own free will and no coercion was required {well, none to speak of). For Elaine's part, she claims she was only obeying orders albeit somewhat enthusiastically. Martian
  10. Glad to see you are back home safely Pierre and not too traumatised by the General's best regimental outfit. Martian
  11. Thanks Mike, I think it is the shape of the fuselage, with the nose cap on that is, that attracts me so much to this design. I also like the fact that it was more than a pie in the sky idea and that real work was being done on it. I would love to see the whole of the Focke-Wulf brochure on the design. Martian
  12. That's a very nice start. Martian
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