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Martian Hale

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  1. Martian Hale

    Armstrong Whitworth Whitley GR. Mk.VII

    Your builds get better and better Michelle. Impressed of Mars
  2. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    That's the ones, thanks. Martian
  3. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    That is pretty much my understanding of how it works. Martian PS: What are those foot hold type things that hang beneath the spars called?
  4. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    I still don't quite follow it myself, I just modelled what Longshanks posted. I didn't get a lot of them myself but if Kev is happy with what I have built, then that's good enough for me. He must have seen more davits in his career than you can shake a lifeboat at. Martian
  5. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    Thanks Bill, maybe that's why I am enjoying it so much. Martian
  6. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    Thanks Ralph. Having had to alter or replace just about every part of this kit, by rights I should be hating it. For some reason though I find myself having a ball and have even purchased another Heller sailing ship on the strength of it. No accounting for an ET's taste I guess. No you evil child, this is a 18//19th Century sailing vessel. No stripes of any kind, excepting possibly those on the French flag will be making an appearance. Martian
  7. Martian Hale

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    I do! So much so that I have been trying to emulate your technique for years. (Really Hendie, when will you evet learn not to give aliens ammunition to fire?) Martian
  8. That's pretty high on the cute scale! Whatever did the poor mite do to deserve the name Muppet? Martian
  9. Depends on how cute it is. Martian
  10. Nah! The galactic banks don't deal in fiddling small change anymore. Martian
  11. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    Much appreciated Beefy. Martian
  12. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    Thanks Jeff, the splooshier the model is the happier I am. Martian
  13. Beautiful work on the winch Hendie! Martian
  14. Martian Hale

    Listening to the Solstice

    The turret is going to be a little gem in itself Martian
  15. The potato went out of circulation as legal tender some time ago. This was due to people just rowing some more cash when they were a bit skint, which led to hyper-inflation. Mars is now tied to the Flanian Pobblebead. Martian