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  1. Looks fine Heather. Don't worry, your recently conferred rank of "Usual Suspect" automatically confers on you citizenship rights on Planet Wibble. Reassuring of Mars
  2. This is indeed correct and Junglie squadrons did in fact practise a/s exercises occasionally as this was a secondary role for them. They were however, fitted with the earlier type of sonar as fitted to the Wessex HAS1. What you are building there Oliver is the type of sonar fitted to the later Wessex HAS3. I have references referring to Junglie squadrons carrying out a/s exercises in Home and Far Eastern waters but not in the Arctic. Hope That Helps Martian
  3. It is in fact me Pappy, fret ye mot, things will slow down when I start the fine detailing. Perhaps as soon as today as I intend to take a look at those horrible mesh intake guards. I think that I am enjoying this kit because it very much fits in with my chaotic lifestyle at the moment. The kit is very much one that has to be tackled in short sessions, which is all I am going to get for the foreseeable future. Were things "normal" here at Martian Mansions, with plenty of time for modelling, I think I would be finding it a rather frustrating build. I suppose what I am trying to say is that it is the right kit at the right time. I have found that Airfix have allowed too little tolerance between many of the major parts and that it is well worth taking some time to ease or even remove some of the locating ridges for the main interior parts of the model to allow a bit of "wriggle room". I will have to have to have a look at the instructions to answer your question about the rotor hub as I have not looked that far ahead in the build. Martian
  4. Once you have tackled the issues caused by the original build quality, or lack of, and got the mechanics restored to the proper design spec, hangar time is surprisingly low. The main issue in recent years has been the government's insistence of higher levels of ethanol being added to petrol. This rots rubber components which has resulted in the fuel system having to be rebuilt, using ethanol resistant materials. Mechanically, the car is pretty much in new condition and since I recently got the fuel system overhauled, she goes like a rocket, to the point that I am almost having to learn to drive her all over again. She seems to like Shell V Power fuel best and if you put that in, she goes even faster. On the other hand, if you cruise at 55/60 mph on a long trip, she will give you 45 miles per gallon easily. I still need to re-upholster the seats and get a small amount of bodywork done but apart from that, her ongoing restoration is complete. Martian
  5. Casting replacement parts in lava, now there's out of the box thinking for you! Quick, someone go and get those nice men in white coats while I try and keep Claudio from getting too excited. Martian
  6. In response to the original poster, no and in the words of Captain Jean-Luc Piccard, "Make it so"! Martian
  7. So what's the deal with the wreck? Any pictures or plans for it's future? Curious of Mars
  8. TR7, one word, three words or three letters whichever way you look at it. Martian
  9. I drive an Earth car with Earthling eye candy, aka Mrs Martian/Trillion. Martian PS: If there is sufficient demand, I will ask Mrs Martian if she will pose with Sarah-Jane.
  10. I love the Wyvern and you are making a great job of it Michelle. It has our Galactic stamp of approval. Martian
  11. Then that is very unusual. I now see why you are concerned. Martian
  12. Well, we did mean water, see the reply to Limeypilot. Martian
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