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Martian Hale

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  1. Nor me, that's just some good old British eccentricity at it's best. I merely turned up in the traditional Martian costume as a mark of respect for you Earthlings. Melchie was just paying a penance that was three of your Earth years overdue. Martian the Vengeful
  2. Indeed, at this rate they will be ready for Telford 2029. Only if he pulls his finger out mind! Martian
  3. They will be lucky if the food is that good. Demos is noted for having the worst cooking in the Galaxy. It occurs to me that if Mrs Moa sees this thread, you are deader than a dead thing that is feeling a bit off colour. Concerned of Mars
  4. Sounds acceptable. Cash or banker's draft only mind. May I suggest they go to the penal colony we run on Demos? (postage and packing extra) Martian
  5. Which one am I? The tentacled thingy or the wreck? Quiet Mrs Martian! Martian
  6. Thanks Chris "a bit different from the norm" pretty much sums both me and my modelling up. Can't think why! Martian
  7. I thought it was his tropical fish tank! Muddled of Mars
  8. Thanks Kev, I'm mostly relieved to have @corsaircorp off my case. Until he cooks up another daft idea that is. My record of avoiding the "Seemed like a good idea at the time! syndrome is less than stellar! Easily led of Mars
  9. You called? I just phoned them up to sort a buggy out and didn't have any trouble. It might be a bit late but give it a go anyway, what's to lose? Martian
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