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  1. This has turned out beautifully and I am exceedingly impressed! Impressed of Mars
  2. Methinks the mods should allow you a special one off on line cuss over that one! Better check my kit. Apprehensive of Mars
  3. Thanks Stuart. Cheers Kev Thanks Murdo, considering it is the first time I have used the AK stuff, I am quite pleased with it. Well if the plonkers want to spend billions of dollars on the long flog to Mars when all they need to do is follow your very sensible advice, then that's their lookout. Show them this post, all they have to do is book an appointment. I don't come cheap but I am a great deal cheaper than a full blown space program. Martian.
  4. Wicked child! It is in fact high up on my list of ship builds. Firstly however, I need to find a decent plan of the ship and secondly, I need to be able to afford a bespoke case for it and that won't come cheap. Martian
  5. I too want to do my kit with the fifth funnel, having examined the kit parts, the extra funnel does not look to hard to scratch. Martian
  6. Thanks Beefy. As to the alien boy racer, I do have something up one of my sleeves.... Thanks Crisp, its the first time I have tried this AK stuff and I am quite impressed with it, even if I did not use it in quite the way the manufacturer intended. Martian
  7. Over the past few days I have started painting the hull. I began by drag brushing some acrylic yellow ochre over a white undercoat and going over this with some raw sienna. When dry, I painted over the whole with some AK Interactive Dark Wood Wash. Next up will be to spray a couple of coats of clear over the hull. This will protect the finish as well as adding some depth to the wood. When dry I will then see about getting the deck and bulwarks painted. Hopefully my new supplies of rigging thread should arrive soon and I can crack on with getting the main elements of the shrouds and stays prepared. Martian
  8. They all originate from a FROG moulding from the 1950s. Martian
  9. Let me have a scratch around, I have a vague idea that I night have an Aeroclub canopy somewhere. Martian
  10. But I have been working on it on and off. I just started with the engine nacelles. Martian the Escapologist
  11. Err, I've got one of these! Martian
  12. The record is called "Marvin the Paranoid Android, The double B side". The other side is called "Reasons to be Miserable". He often hangs out around some of the seedier bars on Mars, complaining to anyone who will listen about the pain in all of the diodes down the left side of his body. Martian
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