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  1. Interesting that the covers for the oil coolers on underside of the wings are part of the wings and not separate. Anxious to see how that works out but looks like an innovative approach. Clear sprue appears to contain an N2A gunsight which I was hoping for and is a nice touch. August can’t get here soon enough, although that will allow me time to save my pennies.
  2. What brand clear gloss are you using? Looking great so far.
  3. Looking great so far, can’t believe I missed the start but following now BW
  4. Been waiting for a quality, injection molded -3 in 1/48 ever since Tamiya released their -4 almost 30 years ago. That hard wing -3 is going to break my emergency reserve.......... BW
  5. Excellent work, have a couple in the stash and it’s killing me to not start them after seeing yours! BW
  6. Almost don’t want you to finish as I am thoroughly enjoying this WiP. I’ll have to follow whatever you build next regardless of the subject as I can approve your approach and techniques employed. I had seen the control surface masks but never understood until now, and now I think I have to try them! BW
  7. Have two of the New tool Airfix 1/72 S2Cs in the que, one to get a feel for the kit and problem areas as an out of the box build and a second to build with some aftermarket. I have seen the cockpit from CMK and it looks pretty good. I also see that they have some ejection seats sold separately but they don’t quite look correct. Has anyone used the CMK seats and willing to weigh in on their accuracy? BW
  8. Outstanding work, a peek into what the future of scale modeling will look like
  9. Each post contains more greatness, unbelievable BW
  10. Clean construction that ensures the basics are addressed followed by top tier painting and weathering is making this one of the builds on the web that people should look to when someone asks “what is an example of master class modeling?” Can’t wait to see the finished piece. BW
  11. Looks the part, makes me want to get started on mine! BW
  12. Seriously?!? I go from being inspired to depressed to motivated every time I receive a notification of an update on this build, just like your previous ones. If I had a tenth of the talent you do, I would consider myself an artist and lucky beyond a doubt. Just amazing BW
  13. That is a great start to a subject we don’t get to see built that often. Looking forward to more. BW
  14. Don’t forget that stunning 1/72 Buccaneer! Looking forward to seeing these Corsairs cross the finish line. That tail wheel is some top tier scratch building BW
  15. Looks good so far, your cockpit is very convincing BW
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