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  1. Looks good so far, your cockpit is very convincing BW
  2. Almost there, I like effort of dropping the dust bin gunners position. It’s almost enough for me to break mine out and start on it. Almost...... looking forward to to seeing you cross the finish line with this one and additional Young Frankenstein references BW
  3. That turned out very well. Still remember the chapter “Dance of the Vampires” from the book Red Storm Rising and the role they played. BW
  4. My kind of modeling, good historical research to produce a good model of an obscure part of the war. BW
  5. That is very convincing. Clean and precise construction followed by top tier paint and finish work. Outstanding job so far and looking forward to the finished model. BW
  6. I forgot to mention, the Vector engines look great, they are my go to for radials. How do they fit within the cowls?
  7. You see very few of these built up. I know the initial release was criticized for the shape of the nose that was corrected in the subsequent offerings and that may put some off. But I think the limited run nature prevents most from tackling it. You are doing a great job with a tough kit and I look forward to seeing it finished. Have you decided on markings yet? BW
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