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  1. Lovely! Extremely neat modeling! A true joy to follow your build.
  2. Lovely! Intransigence is its own reward - it just doesn‘t feel this way when you‘re in hand-to-hand combat with the trickiness of the objects..... Per Aspera ad Astra!
  3. Interesting build! The Preiser figures evoke happy memories of a time long gone, when „authenticity“ ( for all that it‘s worth) wasn‘t so much an issue than creating a convincing scene, which is what you did! ( And the pilots look very authentic in their proper khaki summer overalls) One thing just crossed my mind: the „P“ version was delivered to frontline units starting in 1939, if my sources are correct. The three-tone splinter camouflage on the other hand was reported abandoned around 1938. So your Heinkel is sort of a borderline version, right? I‘m wondering whether there is any reference to those planes being camouflaged in the older scheme ( which I find quite attractive). Happy Modeling!
  4. This kit has a certain „Steampunk“ charisma....
  5. Oh well..... (showing off shamelessly)
  6. VERY Interesting - might be a whole new avenue in the modeling industry ! I have a hunch the development of high quality printers will give a tremendous opportunity to talented one-person companies. Just develop decent files and sell them to anyone willing to take the plunge - after all this might save us months of filing, sanding and puttying! ( Ooh all these hours lost originally devoted to practical meditation - Nirvana will have to wait a little longer ......)
  7. Though he MIGHT be distracted (by evil powers) from these worldly temptations by a steak&kidney pie accompanied by a few mugs of stout...... Martians have even weirder predilections than people living in the North of the upper half of the planet their hapless inhabitants call „Earth“. Strangely, their seem to exist a substantial number of followers to this outlandish extraterrestial taste.....
  8. Thanks! It‘s a rather big undertaking....... So far I have the Carrier, an A 13 and a 2pdr ready. In the works are an ACE Austin Tourer(the Monthy Pythonish element in the hodgepogde) and some Bull Models gems: Humber wireless/bash with ACE and maybe two Morrises.....(truck and Command Car). Everything enlivened by Zvezda, Milicast and Wee Friends BEF troops. I was thinking about adding a few displaced French units but that would probably postpone the finish to roundabout 2035. Still, I find these RPM R-35s quite tempting.......
  9. Inbelievable attention to detail! Even the trolley wheels are weighted - and subtly!
  10. Cool!!! The overall appearance looks extremely realistic! Great job.
  11. I have a hunch what line the Raven is quoting.......
  12. I‘d be honoured to receive your Graces thoughts on Barry‘s Tea....
  13. The dark colour of the thread may make it look „thicker“ than it actually is. Painting it in a lighter colour ( eg with a felt pen) should help to tone down the effect. Another option is invisible sewing thread, comes in different shades and can easily be straightened with a gentle heat source such as a heated screwdriver or a soldering iron on „low“.
  14. The colours are a mix of Revell paints according to Mike‘s recommendations. Though a tad laborious I found the result exceedingly convincing, especially when coated with Revell‘s acrylic clear flat. The G3 that results from this procedure comes out as a truly „brownish green“ which changes hue according to lighting - just fascinating! I sometimes wonder why people bothered with a second colour, G3 as a base would have probably lived up to all challenges in NW Europe same as Olive Drab......
  15. Another participant of my (glacially) developing diorama „On the Road to Dunkerque“. MMS sadly doesn‘t exist anymore though Barry did a lot of very nice models. I feel his tank models were the best, finely and crisply detailed (unless you got a piece from ageing moulds). The fact that they were white metal gave them this special „weighty“ look that IMHO nothing made from plastic can match! The kit is basically OOB with few scratchbuilt additions and some improvements that gave my metalwork skills quite a boost. Decals are from Mike Starmer. I found them indispensable when looking for historical accuracy, just as his excellent reference booklets. The letter box is for fun - otherwise no one could guess it was a British tank :-^
  16. I can understand you have a special relation to that chopper.....
  17. Outstanding! The water effects look incredibly realistic!
  18. Lovely detail work, one can tell you know these machines in and out!
  19. Excellent decal work, a joy to behold!
  20. A very neat build! The 1970‘s issue of the Whirlwind is still a great base for a lovely model. Credits for taking on the task, it‘s quite a worthy undertaking!
  21. Oh well - if you look at the rivets its quite easy to identify the manufacturer.... I left them as they were, just toned them down a wee bit with steel wool. I even replaced some that were lost during manipulations with thick paint dotted on with a piece of thin wire. You have to treat an iconic feature of modeling history with respect!
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