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  1. ...because this is just scale modelling, and there is no such thing as perfect model. Also, almost everything in scale is based on assumptions... sometimes, wild ones as well... How about thinning the cockpit sidewalls to actual scale thickness? So, yep, talking about licensing from Grumman or Lockheed for a scale model, does sound like a joke to me!
  2. "License from Grumman..." lol. I can take that only as a joke. AMK kit is the king for me, because of the engineering the details and the wings. I just hope that GWH will be EVEN better! And will be an "A"! Aaaaaaawesoooome!!!!!
  3. Does the resent (superb) Tamiya kit has any known shortcomings that potentially the new Eduard (or Italeri) would address in a much better way? Honestly asking, I don't know...
  4. Wow! Amazing work done! What is happening with this one? Last post in 2018. I hope it is still an ongoing project...
  5. Yep, the CA tail is slightly different, I remember from their instructions manual that there is some alternative for the tail height... Short or tall version I think. For the hood, I wouldn't think so. The windshield comes in both with part of the fuselage. Would require exactly the same panels and cross section to be spot on. The older CA can still be built to a really good result, requiring some extra work and the substitution of some of the smaller, less accurate parts. Would I do it with the Modelsvit kit in hand? I don't think so!
  6. It sure looks like, with thick parts and part frame connectors, but of the best possible quality, which means that in details may be even better than plastic.
  7. I just received my 3 kits! Did not have enough time to check against drawings and draw red and green lines, but: * It has exactly the same basic dimensions with CA example. * The engraved surface details are very convincing. Just awesome! * The detail is the best it can get for a short run model and definitely much better that what can be done in plastic. * The details in the cockpit, the tail and the main wheel wells are fantastic, but had no time to see if they are also accurate. * The transparent parts are crystal clear. * The instruction manual is a little complicated with too much detail packed in an A4 leaflet. Not bad really. * Color references is not in Humbrol, Gunze or Tamiya. Hmmmm... * The masks and PE complete what seems to be an amazing new Mustang. Soon my dear, soon!
  8. In most cases they are almost there but not entirely there! I mean, with their internal market that will buy anyway, you don't call them really motivated, I reckon... And most of the times expensive. This Ka-27 I will never have
  9. What if we understand Greek? Sorry, just teasing you!
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