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  1. Which colour scheme are you planning to paint this aircraft in?
  2. Workshop is now complete time to turn on the heater and start modelling

  3. Dabbling with a bit of Flames of war. Might buy a box of shermans to try

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    2. Procopius


      Mike speaks the truth; savings to be had!

    3. WindyWAFU


      Just checked plastic soldier company and already decided to purchase a small company of tanks

    4. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Looking to do the same, me lads showing an interest. Would love to find a local supplier of 1/300th really.

  4. my old man was on 846 squadron on HMS fearless during the Falklands but was only an engineer on one of the watches.
  5. Just waiting to move into my new workshop, going to be bliss with heating and a double glazing

  6. is this locomotive body available from Shapeways or was this a private commision?
  7. i believe Airfix will get this variant done better than the attempt by Dragon which will probably cost twice as much. But looking forward to this alot and wonder if anyone will do a backdating set so Bosnia and Falkland variants can be modelled?
  8. i believe you can get a body kit from ebay from a company called ARC models and i believe it is designed fro the Bachmann Percy chassis amd about £20.
  9. those look very good, infact they look like pre mod debris guards without the fastener plate in the corner. If they had a raised rear section they could pass for snow guards but thank you for the tutorial.
  10. Looking thru my lynx collection and found several flaws with the Revell mk3 lynx

  11. that item is a blank for the ESM normally fitted when the Mar and Par are removed as weight saving. All lynx flight's hold them as part of their role fits but they use to fitted to the dual mk3 on 702Nas
  12. The lynx has an MS5 fitted. i should know fitted one 2 weeks ago.
  13. Building the ultimate kit, rebuilding a westland lynx 1/1 scale. Just about to attach the main rotor gearbox onto the airframe.

    1. Rick Brown

      Rick Brown

      Watch for those panel lines!

    2. wpurdy68


      my prays go out to Schumi and his family, with a speedy recovery!

  14. well they folded exactly the same as any naval lynx, we routinely folded them on 702 squadron is we could stow them in the hangar at Yeovilton, and carry out maintenance if they were not flying the next day. But you would rarely see one folded at an airshow as there is no requirement, plus the paperwork involved inthe aircraft documentation would require independent inspections and also having finding somewhere to put the fold gear would be difficult, a handling pole cannot fit in a lynx, but the stowage poles fit in quitecwell under te 4 man seat.
  15. WindyWAFU

    AEW Seakings

    perhaps they will stick with the AW101 withbthe searchwater on the Pallet. or even extend the lifecof the aircraft
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