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  1. That's one striking Phantom scheme if I ever saw one! "I am the man who arranges the blocks.." The eagle-nosed one look great too!
  2. One of the first words that popped in my head upon seeing that first picture wasn't too family friendly, so I'll rephrase that; Holy Superdetail Batman!
  3. As others have already noted; a truly great looking build, shame about the decals. You're kind of "lucky" in that the most prominent decal mishaps are on flat surfaces, and therefore relatively easy to correct with new decals or masks. Decal quality is sometimes overlooked when looking at model quality. Tamiya mostly produces great models, but their decals can be quite problematic. Academy is another company with notoriously bad decals.
  4. Nice work, that looks like a great gift! Love the monochrome shots too.
  5. That finish is superb! It could easily pass for a 1/48 model, only the size of the paint jar is giving it away. Great vid too!
  6. Seasoned green things Britmodellers! Because this old Heller kit was reboxed by Airfix I managed to squeeze this one into the AllthingsAirfix group build. It may have helped that the GB was hosted by a Swede though.. Basically this model was built OOB, with a full rescribe and some improvements here and there. Full build vid here. Thanks for watching! Luka
  7. That's a sharp looking build! Now I just hope Tamiya will release this one in 1/72..
  8. Let's keep it at peach then for a peachy looking build
  9. Nice one! And don't worry about the orange sheen in the pics, it just adds to the Dutchness of the build
  10. Agree with Andy here; had that first photo been a little bit grittier it could have been a wartime colour shot. Great work!
  11. Fantastic on the inside as well as on the outside, great work!
  12. It may have been a challenge, but the result is worth it. Very impressive build!
  13. Seriously, at first I thought it was Airfix's 1/24 kit.. Very nice!
  14. There is one from MPM, but it's quite difficult to find nowadays. A rebox, or even better, a re-tool of that one would be great.
  15. That's one impressive build! Now I'm almost tempted to carve a boomerang with this very planform; would it return? Very nice work!
  16. Great looking Zero! I like the breakaway from the usual green-grey schemes on IJN planes with these colourful undersides. Nice work on the tail assembly too, never seen that before.
  17. Right. Scrolling down it already started with that seat as a little taste of the skill level involved in this build. But dang, that Spit looks absolutely superb! Great work!
  18. Scratchbuilt? That's some amazing modeling skills there, very nice!
  19. OK, from the first pic scrolling down it went from Very Nice! to Absolutely Amazing! Especially those construction shots blew me away. Cool!
  20. That mottle pattern looks just exquisite. Very nice!
  21. Sharp looking Sea Venom! I also like the 'bad weather' presentation on a wet surface, a nice change from the usual sunny pictures. Cool!
  22. Normally I prefer Phantoms in the SEA camo, but this is really nicely done! It really adds a great deal of character to the plane. Cool!
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