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  1. I believe this Very nicely done!
  2. Super impressive result! Looking forward to you sharing your weathering techniques. They look good!
  3. Thanks! And you're right; a quick search at scalemates says that sadly Kittyhawk's 1/32 kit of this plane was cancelled. Hopefully other scale model companies will pick up the subject in the future.
  4. Both beautiful Phantoms! Like the group shots too. Looking good!
  5. Nice one there! Especially love the shots with the dark clouds. Impressive work!
  6. Thanks all for the comments! Indeed, I got this one by sheer coincidence in the second-hand section of a small webstore. A re-release, or even better, a re-tooling of this kit would be nice. But with only a small amount of planes built and just a few years of service it's probably not popular enough for the big scale model companies..
  7. Yes, now I can see them. That's one well-weathered Saetta! Love the 'poached egg' camo too.
  8. This F11F was entered in the Artwork Group Build with the sharkmouth decoration. This model was more or less built OOB, with a full rescribe and some extra detail added. Full build vid can be found here. Thanks for watching! Luka
  9. Not only is this top notch modeling with a difference, but also excellent reference for 'regular' modelers. Great work!
  10. Impressive work, particularly love that comparison shot with the wartime pic in Korea. Looking good!
  11. Whey, how did I miss this tasty thing.. Very nice finish!
  12. I got the 1/72 Revell kit (the 2003 release, not the one from the mid-60s). A fine kit, although I did cut some corners with the wiring, using mostly stretched sprue except for 2 wires. I finished the prop quickly for a GB deadline, but am not satisfied with it, hence my question.
  13. Been said before and I'll say it again; great build and that prop looks fantastic it this scale. Any tricks/pointers you'd care to share on how you did it?
  14. I've been following your work over the years and again you have produced a stunning model. Looking good! Do you also have a build progress of this one?
  15. Great rendition of a lesser known variant of this plane! I didn't know about this one. And a skilful build to boot too!
  16. That first photo already blew me away, and even further with each consecutive pic. Fantastic work!
  17. Fantastic build! Great how you turned the ' accident' around, into a memorable scene. The solitary figure is a very nice indication of the immenseness of this plane. Later that day: - "Dammit Maksim, where were you? I had to clean the MiG 15 all by myself!" - "Drop dead, Sergei."
  18. Dang, what a lovely build! Always liked the Demon/Interceptor with its oversized engine and its frighteningly thin rear fuselage. I hope Dora Wings scales this one down to 72, I'd get one in a heartbeat!
  19. That's one nice little Nieuport! I still have a double-kit of these in the stash, so the pointers were helpful too. I browsed through your WIP pages a bit aswell and the 1/72 Baracca figure just blew me away. Great modeling overall!
  20. As already said many times; fantastic detail in this diorama. Love the little kitty next to the crate! This proves you don't always need a big bad combat plane with full ordnance to create an impressive build. Very nicely done!
  21. Tired or not, the RCAF CF-18 remains my favourite of the Hornets with the 'ghost' canopy. Beautiful work!
  22. As if the colours and weathering weren't fantastic enough, the interior detail totally kicks it up to a level of awesome. Looking great!
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