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  1. It's a good thing the model is positioned on that hobby cutting mat, otherwise I'd have to consider it bad form to present a 1/32 model as 1/72. Joking aside; that is one impressive looking model.
  2. Do you think the Hobbyboss Saetta would have a good fuselage? I know its wings are not asymmetrical, but I don't know enough about Macchi 200-series considering fuselage differences. Oof, the Akkura kit looks like something that got rejected by Pixar. Broplan had a vac kit, which would be passable. But I don't know if they are even still in business. As for the Ardpol kit; I saw for an instant after its release on the site of my LHS, but that was sold out in no-time..
  3. I like it! I was planning do do something similar to one of the 190's in the stash. Bookmarked for inspiration.
  4. A crisp and tasty build. Noice!
  5. I can verify that; Italeri's 1/72 Folgore and Veltro do have the asymmetrical wings. I have built the 202 and got the 205 in the stash. I found the canopy somewhat challenging to get right. Also, the wheel wells are shallow and simplified; normally you'd be able to see quite deep into the fuselage.
  6. I have an Airfix Gladiator in the stash waiting to get this scheme. Following this thread with interest as new speculations pop up in my head..
  7. I had the same question a while back. The wires are actually connected to small eyelets. In my next build I will probably make these attachment points from tiny sections of thin stretched spue, and then use Ushi thread for the wires themselves. Although Ushi wire is fiddly, the effect is imho good. Plus, since it's elastic I won't get nervous every time I pick a model from the cabinet. Got some great help from the BM community in this thread; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235065592-p-40-radio-wires/&tab=comments#comment-3538932
  8. Best would of course be a replacement canopy, but if you need to clean/sand this one down, you may want to check some of those fine nail cleaning/polishing sticks as used in nail studios. Cost about 1€ for a set of 3 different grains at the beauty/drugstore. With the finest stick you can polish your nails canopy to a high-gloss shine.
  9. Despite the issues with AZ 109's I do like them. You did a nice job on this one.
  10. Like several others already said; it can easily pass for a larger scale kit. The modeling mat was actually the first hint that made me scroll back to the title. 'Yes, it's 1/72..' Even with the big detailed shots it's hard to believe. Top tier modeling there.
  11. Ah. What I meant was that the SBS props I bought are replacements for the MPM G.I props. In fact, the kit props look too bad to even use on any other kit. Ah 2. It looks like Danish (and some Finnish) D.XXI's had two different props. It seems that on later (camouflaged) Danish planes the HS -similar as on the Dutch planes- was mounted. Also, on these planes, there seem to be no bulges on the cowling.
  12. I second this; these resin props look really good too. I bought them for my Fokker G.I, which has the same prop/engine as the D.XXI.
  13. Arsenal VG.33! Talking about just too late; deliveries had started when France capitulated. It would probably have been a formidable adversary for the 109's. At least if we have to believe its performance in War Thunder. But I digress. I have the Pegasus kit which looks nice, albeit a bit basic. I can't judge from online pics if the Azur kit is any better, although it does have some PE parts. The Kora kit is a CW-22 trainer and only looks superficially similar to the CW-21. My initial plan was to reverse-engineer one, but that seemed like a lot of tricky and costly work. Luckily I then found the MPM kit online (not on evilBay though).
  14. Great surface finish, fabric looks like fabric, wood looks like wood.. Museum grade stuff
  15. Thanks, looking forward to seeing your 109's here! Thanks! And yeah, I'm still struggling with my light and camera setup. I suppose I could maybe have made them lighter with Gimp for the time being, but I also need to work on my photography.
  16. That's a very colourful (heh) selection of models there! One thing; what's the story with the mirrored swastika on the me 163?
  17. Looking good! Also very impressive production for a year; I can't even reach that in 1/72. Then again, I wouldn't be able to move around in the house filled with huge models!
  18. That's a really impressive model! And the seperate Ohka also looks very stunning on itself.
  19. That is one very smooth finish. Hard to believe it's a 1/72!
  20. With never ending discussions on the best 109's available, what becomes of the old ones in the stash that don't quite make the cut anymore with today's requirements? Simply a bit of fun and, well, maybe just a little bit of upgrading.. So, I wanted to see what I could make from Academy's 109G. Fin and rudder came as spares from an AZ Models kit, and the spinner came from the ancient Airfix plane, as did the yellow 4. Luckily, yellowing wasn't an issue here. The full build report can be viewed here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOazMtaOmWw Cheers, Luka
  21. Wow, even the details have extra details. Looking good!
  22. The 1/72 Kovozavody Avia S-199 fuselage looks as if it has been corrected around the front wing/fuselage compared to the old AZ 109G kits, which had the awkward nose due to this.
  23. Ooh, we're getting spoiled lately with loads of pretty Dutch planes. Looking good!
  24. Absolutely breathtaking build of a beautiful plane. And Dutch triangles to boot! Great job correcting them.
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