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  1. Thanks, Brian - it’s been patiently waiting for me to finish it while that thing called life decides to interrupt my fun.
  2. Does time fly. I’ve managed to refurbish the chassis and drivetrain the best I could with what I was presented with. Some parts were missing, like the fan and gearbox cover which I just made from card stock. I stripped things back as much as I could though some pieces were glued firmly and I would have wrecked them trying to get them apart. I’ll need to make some bumper mounts, too. I think it came out ok, and I’m not going to be looking underneath when it’s done anyway.
  3. Looks great, that orange will look great with those wheels.
  4. Looking forward to watching it progress. I just came back from “Ford vs Ferrari “ and this kit was on Ken Mile’s son’s bedroom shelf.
  5. Looks great, the realism on the underneath really stands out.
  6. It looks fantastic. You still have it, though it may be harder, and we get to enjoy it. Thanks for that!
  7. Looks great, those 1/32 scale Airfix kits are some of my favorites.
  8. Looks fantastic. Those defined panel lines really make it pop.
  9. Not much work lately, and I think I might strip and repaint the dash. I used the smallest Molotow chrome pen and it just seems to come out a lot faster and with more paint than I expected.
  10. Impressive work, I can’t wait to see the end result!
  11. No work on the Merc tonight, but enjoying a book about one of them. It’s an entertaining read. My memory may be a bit rusty, but I’m fairly certain I saw this car at a traveling carnival in the late 60’s
  12. It seems to be feast or famine with them. I found this one by luck, and later a sealed kit on eBay. I hope to keep you amused!
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