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  1. Hi Jamie, and to all who contributed, I've just started building this kit and I was very happy to come across this thread - a wealth of info. Thanks. However, I do have some questions for anyone who may know regarding possible colours. So if I understand correctly, the wave breaker was made of metal, and therefore those rather large lookig chips in the photos would be showing the metal underneath. What what the primer colour, which I pressume is being exposed, be? Also, in some of the photos there appear to be quite a low of chipping on the hull itself, which as I gather was made of wood. Would the colour of these chips again be the same primer colour as the wave breaker, or would they simply be the colour of the primer? I love weathering, and would love to have a more accurate understanding of what the real thing would have looked like (the colours I mean). Any ideas greatly appreciated. P.s. the Airfix kit has these inner walls (which have what looks like lots of rivets on them). Would these, like the wave breaker have been made of metal?
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