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  1. Greetings A fine job 1/700 is tricky .... to say the least. Be lucky Cheers Brian.
  2. Greetings Sir Splendid job , and very tidy needle work. Be lucky.
  3. Nice job sir Scary black things not my thing .Really like the seascape. Be lucky.
  4. Bit special , Pity some one with money and vision could,nt save the real thing. Cheers Brian.
  5. Splendid work , nice techniques and " fresh " subject " Cheers Brian.
  6. Greetings Sir Nice job sir, rigging a 1/700 warship and its sending me insane ,so great effort with all that "string" Cheers Brian.
  7. Greetings Sir Nice job ,lot of firepower . Be lucky ,Cheers Brian.
  8. Greetings Sir Nice job , lot to be said for keeping it simple .the stress and hassle of PE and rigging can send you nuts !@#$ Cheers Brian.
  9. Greetings Sir Very impresive job, especially as first attempt at ship and a splendid seascape as well. Cheers Brian.
  10. Used to be coastal craft at Bembridge IOW .One was MTB 21 ,the owner after a chat . he showed me around he had ships drawings ,which showed" Issott franchini? " Petrol engines, .Take my hat off to those gents.
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