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  1. Thanks for this! Do you happen to have an amazon link? I might just order some of those then, the other option is heating a needle and trying to push it through. Thanks
  2. It is the 32 kit, so I should clip them, right? Otherwise the movable part doesn't fit in? I decided I'm going for the late build (less complex camo paint, since I'm new)
  3. Ah that makes perfect sense! Thank you
  4. Does anyone know why Revell is making me do this on the Spitfire Mk IX c?
  5. Thanks Roger, It seems it will be used to attach a structure that holds a bomb. I just wonder why Revell didn't open those holes? Since there's other holes nearby that are opened? I'll have to try the hot needle option then, thank you.
  6. I'm building my first model (Spitfire Mk.IXc), almost half way through, I notice there's a part where they're asking what looks like: to drill some holes. I wonder if this is necessary? What will happen if I don't? Since I don't have a mini drill at the moment.
  7. Thanks, Since it's my first model I've been all over the place, I had days of glueing, days of painting, and days of both. As most people say here (and thank you people, I've learned a lot from you) it's down to trying, and not being afraid to do it. I guess on my second model I'll try to plan better and see which parts need glue first, and which ones need paint first.
  8. Thanks for the tips @JohnT, The next one I have is a Boeing, My sister bought it once, but never started.. So I'm going to build it for her. I do see now that I painted a lot of small parts, that won't even be visible, I guess I'm going to spend some more time in the paint-and-glue planning phase for the next model.
  9. I'm very new to modelling, still working on the cockpit of my first model (Revell Spitfire). I honestly thought painting would be the hardest part, but as I start glueing using tamiya cement, I notice how the excess glue can rip of paint in other spots.. Any tips or tricks for a beginner? Thank you!
  10. That might be to advanced for my first model haha. I'll just try and slap it on with some PVA glue, that should do the trick right?
  11. I wonder why the put all the effort in the cockpit panel details when I have to slap a sticker over it.. I'm thinking about just coloring in some of the dials, the sticker doesn't look realistic at all.. There's an even bigger sticker that goes over the other parts as well. Thanks Joseph, I do find it very unrealistic, the paper isn't mat and I lose all the nice detail in the panel, are there ways to make this look more real?
  12. Hi Everyone, Building my very first model here, and trying to place my very first decal. I put the decal in water for about 1.5 minutes, until it started moving on the blue paper, I got it off, put it on the part you see underneath in the picture. After a few minutes I could still move the decal, it's not sticking at all, and it looked a bit 'fake' with the black on the background, or is that supposed to come off?
  13. Thanks for the advice! So just a supermarkt white glue will do then for now? I never heard of the term but I'll look into some brands.
  14. Wow, thanks so much for all this information! Very good tips. Can't wait to get started painting again, and I'll make sure to reread the above before I get started. Thank you!
  15. Thanks for the tips! So you would advice me not to use the tamiya cement for the canopy? Since that's the only glue I bought at this time.
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