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  1. Good point, you're probably right. Did think the massive mud flaps might have an effect and used a few reference pics. Might have another look. Cheers
  2. Very clean, love it. Liking the Carbon detailing too
  3. Dipped in and out of this model over the last six months. Now working at home so took the opportunity to finish. First rally car and first time creating a semi-diorama - quite happy with the results. Decals were pretty fragile so took a while and a few tears here and there! Used the following items for the car: Hasegawa 1:24 Lancia Stratos HF '1977 Safari Rally Eduard 1:24 Red Sabelt harnesses Additional windscreen and side windows Studio 27 detail up set
  4. Thank you Yes, you're right rear wing should have West decals! I was in auto pilot late one night and added the substitutes not realising what I'd done until the next day. As they are decals on top of decals wasn't sure if it was worth trying to remove them or if I could?!
  5. Managed to finish this project today. The second since starting back after a 10 year break! Hasn't turned out as well as I'd hoped as had to buy replacement decals (original were old and mis-coloured) which turned out to be REALLY thin, plus had trouble fitting the cockpit between the two body parts, didn't seem to be enough room, hence the joins showing, but pretty pleased with the end result. and an earlier McLaren...
  6. Managed to finish this project today. Hasn't turned out as well as I'd hoped as had to buy replacement decals (original were old and mis-coloured) which turned out to be REALLY thin but pretty pleased with the end result. Will post more pics in the 'Ready For Inspection' area
  7. A bit more progress Finding the decals pretty hard on this one as fairly thin but not too bad!
  8. Thanks. I used the Tamiya TS cans; TS-17 Gloss Aluminium and TS-38 Gun Metal with TS-13 clear finish. Will invest in an airbrush at some point but as still getting back into modelling after many years off I'm happy to use these for now
  9. Managed to get a bit of time to start spraying some of the main parts. Not great photos but pretty happy with the results. Primed, colour and three clear coats. Leaving to dry thoroughly then will mask and spray the darker colour on the main body area.
  10. Had this kit a while now and finally made a start. I'll also adding the Top Studio brakes set and small detail up set plus West decals. A few images below of my progress so far. More detail work to do to the engine yet, but also need to get started on the body and other components to keep things moving. Will post some more images when I progress
  11. Thanks a lot Used Studio27 aftermarket for the belts
  12. Thanks Ian For the exhaust I just used a mixture of XF-16 flat alu and X-12 gold as a base then used the tamiya weathering kit and some X-11 silver to get the desired effect. Lol know what you mean the engineer certainly has a strange stance His hand is supposed to be on a large call button, might add some cables between the radio, button and headset to make it look a bit more believable!
  13. Decided to get back into modelling as find it quite therapeutic and love making things. This is the first model I have made in over 10 years so not perfect but pretty happy with it as a starter!!
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