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  1. Hello all, So I'm a little late to the party so might not get this completed, but worth a shot! This will be one of the Naval Air Modification Unit (NAMU) Hellcats of Johnsville PA in late 1945. At this time lots of Hellcats were converted into drones, drone controllers and target tugs. I believe this example was a controller aircraft. I will be using the Eduard rebagging of the Platz kit with decals from LF. It will be paired in a vignette with a similar scheme Wildcat from the Sweet kit with Shelf Oddity decals. An easy start, the kit is very well moulded. After an evening's work the interior and engine front are coloured and fuselage paired with the wings. The giant wing area very evident on my 'in progress' board.
  2. Hi all, Fashionably late to the party as always, going yellow/orange for my build Just wondering - when the aircraft were being towed by towing tractors - would they usually be pulled by the tail wheels or the main wheels or is either acceptable?
  3. Working along. Added the paint and decals, although the kit only includes single side profiles and decals to match, with no instructions or specific decals for the opposite side, just a duplicate decal sheet - so I had to cut up and rotate some decals to make the markings for both sides. The scheme is also a little mysterious, not appearing on any sources I can find.
  4. Hello handsome! I know the 80x sets have not yet with much love, but this is definitely the most handsome livery to grace Britain's rails since Great Western went to dark green a few years ago. Hello handsome! I know the 80x sets have not yet with much love, but this is definitely the most handsome livery to grace Britain's rails since Great Western went to dark green a few years ago.
  5. Absolutely fascinating progress and an amazing project. I have and I'm sure lots of others have dreamt about making a scene like this but actually realising it is really bold. Thanks for the review of the Bra.Z parts too, useful to know
  6. Thats just superb. I love little airfield vignettes like these and this is one of the best I have seen - that shaped base works great.
  7. Tim R-T-C

    cancelled shows

    Keighley show 2021 is unfortunately to be added to the list. I know our co-ordinators have worked very hard during the past few weeks to make arrangements. Due to the current situation, the show committee has no option to sadly chancel this year’s event, we are sorry but we were not able to make this decision until this evening We have already decided that there will be a show next year
  8. Thats quite a thing to mislay - maybe your house is already big enough! Out of curiosity I measured the Newcastle junction - from the end of the platforms to the castle is about 300m, so roughly 2 metres on an N gauge model - so not completely impractical...
  9. Buy a big house! But seriously there are loads of instructionals online and in books for making realistic track and lineside detail. Loads of trackwork is available ready made that you could use to exactly recreate the various switches and crossovers outside Newcastle, although at great expense - or some people make their own, less cost but a lot more time and effort!
  10. Most registered traders will definitely advertise as such - many smaller ones are not as it requires a lot of paperwork and special coding on the website to charge the extra fees. Officially packages under £135 were not supposed to arrive into the UK without prepaid VAT but fortunately that seems to be being ignored at present - however some retailers are not selling to the UK, presumably to avoid risk of packages being rejected and returned.
  11. No that's not correct. Under £135 VAT is due and is charged along with the delivery firm charge - or it can be paid by a registered retailer (including eBay orders) avoiding delivery firm fees. Over £135, VAT and duty are chargeable so it has to go to a customs warehouse.
  12. Thanks for nice comments and likes on the thread. She is still coming along but won't be finished tonight. Sadly a whole tonne of family and work issues fell during this GB so of my 5+ planned builds I only got half done Great to see all the other entries to this GB though and I will post this completed build in the RFI when it is done - along with all my other 109s when I make those. If anyone is coming to SMW, look out for this 109 on the SIG144 table
  13. Not sure about the photos, sorry - can anyone else see them? Sadly due to a lot of work and family issues of late taking up all my time, I'm not going to get this completed, I will try and finish off this coming week - I don't want to rush it. I will keep updating this thread when more time comes up.
  14. Interesting list, Cessna really low-key dominating the aviation world. I've got a Gashapon Cessna 172 in the stash- but otherwise in 144th scale it would be a 109, 190 or Spitfire from me.
  15. You can also get a 'passport' via the NHS app (this is different to the Covid 'ping' app), although you will need your NHS number as the app stubbournly refuses to recognise me via all other forms of identification.
  16. Lovely little build. The Canadian Air Force had a long gestation period - it didn't really become a military branch until the mid-1920s so I presume the civilian marking were retained because there wasn't any other option to paint them into or they wanted to retain an appearance of civilian status.
  17. Lovely project and fascinating colour scheme - definitely from a lesser known theatre of the war.
  18. My wife has said if I sign up to this she will notify trading standards... But until they get here, I'll sign up for something in 144th scale.
  19. I didn't realise you can get interlinked wireless alarms, makes sense really and can be installed without any wiring needed. Had a quick look on Amazon and no-one is currently offering a 'Scottish box' with the minimum mandated three smoke, a heat and CO alarm, but I suspect these will be available pretty soon.
  20. Someone wanted to join me at the bench at the weekend I think he is examining the paint profiles?
  21. I hope they make some suitable figures or vehicles for the flak towers or they might be a bit spartan. Pity they didn't go for 1/285th scale to match up with 6mm wargame scale - lots of accessories available and I'm sure the towers would nake great wargame bases.
  22. I always find it odd when aftermarket appears for long OOP kits, especially etch and resin which isn't always transferrable. Decals at least can be transferred to other builds.
  23. Wow, what a tribute to an unimaginably brave hero and a superbly realised diorama too. May I ask which prop-blur blades you used?
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