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  1. I remember seeing what I believe was an Armstrong Siddeley Python sitting on the verandah of the Moorabbin Air Museum in Melbourne Australia about 10 years ago. Told it came from a Lincoln at Maralinga.
  2. Its now October 2020 tomorrow and AFAIK no DH 86 yet. I expect that AIM may end up in a 2 horse race competition with Bat Model for first to release this kit.
  3. Hi all Iam new to this forum but have been modelling for a long time. Very well done with your C Class fuselage. Am vey interested in your work. Many years ago I obtained a clearish plastic 1/72 C Class fuselage It is very basic and it needed so much work that I put it back into my stash and went back to the Airfix Sunderland kit as a base. My airfix based model is still a WIP but finally nearing decal stage. Just for interest I will try and post a photo of the old fuselage Regards to all
  4. Hello everybody. Now retired from flying 1 to 1 scale lighties and rediscovering my stored plastic stash so am startting to work my way through it . As a builder I am definitely no expert and still have a lot to learn. I started modelling 1/72 aircraft many many years ago in the age of Frog Airbox and Vacforms and tried to build a model of every type used by the RAAF (Australia). Never quite succeeded. Now more interested in Australian classic historics and airliners, and English experimentals. My recent builds were the Rolls Royce Heinkel and a vacform Stinson model A trimotor as VH U
  5. Hi all I have built both the Sandringham and the C Class in 1/72. Both from the airfix sunderland kit. Made my own decals for VH. BRC Beachcomber and still completing decals and details for C Class Coriolanus but basic work done. both models take time and patience but not impossible. Cheaper than the box kit. Sandringham details were from an old APMA Aaustralian plastic modellers magazine. C class fuselage used an old 1/72 C class vacform fuselage as a guide where to reshape the airfix parts.
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