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  1. What an inspired piece of work! Thanks for posting. Vulcanfan
  2. You've done a marvellous job of that. Thanks for posting. Vulcanfan
  3. Looks fantastic, and from an old kit too. I'm building the Revell 747 SCA which I think began life as an Airfix offering. Now way my mediocre skills will bring it up to the standard you're showing us here. Regards, Vulcanfan
  4. The green finish is great - you've captured the different shades on the RAF examples well. Thanks for posting. Vulcanfan
  5. Nice build - thanks for posting. The example at Fort Paul is well worth a look and fun to explore inside. Regards, Vulcanfan
  6. Wow - that's brilliant. I have recently watched a lecture on youtube from the Western Museum of Flight about F-105s in Vietnam, and this aircraft is mentioned with particular reference to how it excited the tanker crews. Thanks for posting. Vulcanfan
  7. A lovely pair of models representing the aeroplane which started it all for me. Regards, Vulcanfan
  8. Lovely - thanks for posting. Didn't know about the nose gear - next time I'm near a Trident I'll check that out. Please post your 707 as and when it's ready. I made the version in Air India colours which are really eye-catching, but I've never seen one posted (maybe because the engines on the kit are terrible so few people build them). Regards, Vulcanfan
  9. Lovely. You've done a great job with the Roden decals which look too shiny on my Roden C-141 (must post some pictures one day). Regards, Vulcanfan
  10. You've made a really nice job of the Typhoon (I built the kit a few years ago and it looks nothing like as good as your does). The Tornado looks great too! Regards, Vulcanfan
  11. Love it! Very bold! Thanks for posting Vulcan fan
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