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  1. Saw Dan on Friday for a few hours , Sat chatted a lot and laughed together at us using her house as a hotel on a Saturday night. Our Dan is a fighter. How ever I believe the pain never goes away . God bless you all for looking out for him , be safe
  2. I drilled all mine and use vaping wire Finger hurt like hell , but is was still workable. Didn't like the fact that if you sneezed on the OOb links the track snapped just throw my tuppence worth out there
  3. When you go to Dan's house , make sure you have plenty of time the next day..... You end up spending 3 hours making a gunnery instructors seat for the back of you M1
  4. I can say that seeing Dan today was a pleasure as always , This build is even better in the flesh , and he was nearly crying at the f'ing paint cock up . Dan you need to drop me those SA13 pictures , its like hens teeth that build , its all photobucketed , be safe brother , will speak during the week
  5. Just a quick update on the photo front be safe all
  6. See you Wednesday Dan shall I bring the estate ?
  7. OK so I have made a school boy error and never glossed the decal area , --Learning curve ....... So not giving up on the decal lark i had a crack at decaling my cmdr - wor d to the wise , ther trumpter decal that come in the over sized infantry pack are as thick as a winter duvet , the need hours of gentle soaking brushing , easing about to get tthem to bend to the right shape- That said , Yes i can see why people are going down this route , just time and patience will make it better Been carry on with the stowage on the turret . Yes there is always one in the crew that will not give up that Gucci piece of kit - or the bit that says I was there and you where not. the roll of wire will eventually be painted blue for a piece of water pipe - there is no way you would take the Jerrycan out to fill the kettle - take kettle and siphon it out . the antenna mounts have been cleaned down , i felt that they needed some more love. Will proverbially look at those eventually. Still got a load of kit to paint up - I am going to put a DI staff on the back of the wagon , sitting on that large pack , in a day-glo safety vest and white banded helmet as this is going to be moving on to the ranges - so flags and such like , loads of little detailing to OH well have fun all and remember say safe - don't Zig when you should have Zagged .
  8. Dan , are you softening the decal with any thing , coz I cannot get mine to mould to the figure at all how small are the peices your laying down ?
  9. Well the weathering has started, general XF57 buff ,low PSI sprayed at distance. just to take the sharpness of the paint work off. Going to start on the subtle dirt streaks next. picked up some earth pastels from good old Amazon. 12 different shades and colours for about £8 . Like a Muppet I have forgotten to gloss the decal area so a little bit of silvering , so it's setting solution galore to try and soften them up and maybe lift them
  10. i never noticed , should have painted him as Hellboy
  11. always interested looking lush as i see it
  12. thanks that's the part in way I am dreading , I want gentle and soft , more pastel if that makes sense
  13. So then its Friday , to days the day I start the paint on the M1, Started by giving a Nato black undercoat Then I continued on the the Nato green , for the general 3 tone scheme i was using this one as a general rule of thumb On to the green , a good clean out or the airbrush , let the compressor cool down after the 45 minute run on the black . and we start on the next colour. Keeping the PSi way down 18-20 Psi Nice tight lines to start , the a gentle to and fro to fill Getting the Sharp lines between the black and green was a bit of a bugger on the anti - slip ( crushed salt ) after another hour we end up with this Interesting concept, what id the UK had successfully trailed and bought them , well good chance it would have looked something like this , So far then this is 2.5 hours work , numerous coffees and I am thinking that I am not sure on using black to start with , however through adversity I will fight through. To say that I am a little proud of the little or no over spray is not doing it justice Lunch - 1 egg banjo 1 coffee , and a compressor that is working its tits off , time for the brown Ok as i admit not as many photos of the brown , because the pigment is so much brighter, the contrast took me back a little , Christ have i got the wrong colour ? A little wee weed of a it of speckling on the middle patch should be able to weather it out , Have the light buff to go over it all , to tone the entire tank down. Unlike all my other 3 builds this is not going to be weather to hell , yes it will be loaded up with stuff, Bergans , Cotbeds , coolboxes , water bottles and such like , its not going to look like it has been dragged off the ranges where it has sat for 5 years, but a well Maintained MBT. Some of the points where a little soft on the rear decks , so I've had to sharpen them up a little I know me thinks , i will get the light box out for some better quality WIP shots , Issue is with the plough on it doesn't fit in the booth you have to excuse the bloke, i need to put him some where safe so then as it stands , I have an M1A1 that is painted in the three tone Nato camouflage , that is as naked as the day I was born. there must be at least a minimum of about 40 hours work still to go on her. All i need now is to do some rearch on toning down the cam using Light buff , Wish me luck thanks for all the comments so far , be safe and watch out for those Christmas elves , the sweethearts steal your wallet and pour wine beer and whiskey down your throat , be safe all
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