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  1. I want to share some images of a trebuchet , that I made a few few years ago , every body loves a working trebuchet where would this live then ?
  2. Just a few more to keep you going
  3. OK , so the chieftain is plodding along quite nicely , finally after 30 years i have learnt patience. i have done a bit of basic weathering on the hull , will a little bit of mud on the rear ,, but i think my work flow is out of synchronization. So i sat thee looking at it thinking , that the tracks needed some love , remember also that these photo where taken in the day . so sitting with the wife , I cracked on with some rusting , well why not thinks I ....... Interesting - feel that she has been missing some serious love
  4. Thanks Bullbasket I try , or Danny will tell you TRYING
  5. @bull thanks brother.... @soeron yes it is mate , not bad for a tenner , mind you saying the i haven't put the side connectors on for the skirts , will be rectifying that over the next day or so
  6. Hi all Miketheexrock is trying his hand again after 30 years. Caught up with a very old and good mate Danny , thanks to this forum, I thought I would show my on going work . Now remember before you start rivet counting and such like, I am great believer of beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This doesn't mean I cannot take criticism. Danny will tell you i will listen and take on board so with out further ado here we go . Oh yes , this is also the first attempt at Photoetch ..... enjoyable ....... trying to decide on how weathered to go I'll trow some more up as i go be safe Mike
  7. Always ..... hmm let me see know ....i Know , can you beg enough coppers to get smashed on a bottle of Jack Daniels on a new Years eve ?
  8. Riddle me this --------- 2 went one way 1 went another and the fourth never made it from the same space ... what am i ?
  9. Well i am a 46 year old , who has come back to the fold after a 30 year break, Armour is my main vice , currently working on a chieftain Mk5 with the eduard Photoetch kit .......... we will see how it goes - all i have to do now is work out how to post photos quick question is Dan Daddow still Lurking about here ? Hahhahh i learned it
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