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  1. Thanks for that Bill , I shall have a lot of reading to do .
  2. Hi Ron, I think the next sailing for the USS Constitution will be "Mayflower 2020" when the Mayflower comes to Boston Harbour to celebrate the Pilgrim Fathers journey from England to the New World in 1620 ( she was a gift from Britain to the United States in the 1950's.) Best wishes Niallmhor 4942
  3. Hi Ron, These photographs are really helpful to me in my build of the Connie . HMS Victory is also a active warship , she maybe not a float unlike the USS Constitution but, she is he oldest commission warship in the world. You would like her but watch your head , if you come to the UK be sure to visit the third oldest warship HMS Tricomalee, at Jackson Quay in Hartlepool.. Many thanks once again be your photographs.
  4. Hi Ron , These photographs are fantastic, they give me some idea on the rigging ( both running and standing ) looks like I've got my work cut out . Would there be any chance of seeing the interior photos of her ? Many thanks
  5. I know where your coming from Dads203 , but it's all Armour not, the work horses of the Army from the end of the war to the present day , AA and KFS have brought out models but it's a bit costly buying all resin kits unless you have very deep pockets .
  6. Looking in the Trumpeter catalogue most of the vehicles are Russian or Chinese with the odd British and American vehicles probably added to sweeten us british modeller. It's always the same most model manufactures seem to cater all marks of WW2 German Armour plus the odd weird vehicle that they had in the war but, as for British Military vehicles and figures from the Cold War years we have Centurion, Chieftain , 432 ( mk 2/1 Bulldog ) Warrior and that's it. There is a wealth of British Army trucks that would make very good modelling subjects such as, AEC, Albion, Austin, Bedford, Commer, Ford, Humber, Morris, Scammell & Thornycroft just to mention a few . As for myself I keep hoping that they bring out a model of a Abbot 105mm SPG & a Stalwart Arty Limber HMLC. ( maybe because I worked on both vehicles when I was in BAOR) I know that Accurate Amour make both vehicles in Resin and KFS does the Stalwart also in Resin but all three models command a high price . So I'm still waiting for the normal model manufacturers to get their bottom in gear and being out something from the British Army Cold War era.
  7. Hi Wagtail, I never got round to building this kit of the FH70 , was a bit busy taking pictures of you lot firing the thing , but I did catch the shell as it left the muzzle brake on Otterburn one firing camp . And I still have the picture along with a photo of the Abbots firing when we where back in BAOR in 1990 .
  8. Hi John, Where in Yorkshire was your 7th great grandfather born in ?
  9. Hi Johnv, I'm original from Kingston upon Hull many years ago , went your ancestors sailed from Hull the town was a very small place then and left from the River Hull via the River Humber as most shipping then used one of 3 socks within the the town walls . Reference the John of London try our National Maritime Museum in Greenwich they may have the plans for this vessel , you never know.. Niallmhor
  10. Hi , Many thanks for that , I'll give it a good look . many thanks once again gents . Niallmhor
  11. Hi, I've already done this thanks , after checking what the members had to say in the way of information , I contacted the National Maritime Museum at Greenwich and ordered a set of Rigging and Sail plans They came today . In fact I may even frame them later . thank you once again Gentlemen. Niallmhor
  12. Cabs where green, engine compartment was silver , Engine was a duck egg blue the rest of the components where silver . Don't forget the white lines on the hubs or the outer wheel nuts painted Red . Ex Stollie driver, Arty Limber FV623 HMLC. 90 ET 97 ex 40 Fld Regt in Gutersloh 77-80.
  13. Thanks for that but it's a bit on the small size for what I'm looking for , I think it would be lost on my shelf with my other model guns . But thanks all the same . Niallmhor
  14. Hello Dave, Many thanks for that , any information is better than nothing. The model is only 1/445 , but I want to get as much detail on it as possible. When this project is finished then I'll start on my 1/96 model of Cutty Sark , for this I've got pictures and a detail rigging and sail plans but, saying that I shall ask the forum if I run into any problems. Many thanks Niallmhor
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