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  1. Love the niel Bartlett lorry. I'm from Coventry where he is based. They have a few old HGV' s they take to shows but don't know if the Bedford is still extant. Great work Steve
  2. I think the reason they wernt released is that the moulds were life expired
  3. Not been watching for a while PAINT!! What can I say, looks fantastic. I will have to pop In more frequently!!! Keep up the good work Steve
  4. Nice job of a nice looking aircraft. I remember seeing a pic of one that had broken its back on landing when ferrying German officers to a surrender. Was this a structural problem with the 200 series? Regards Steve
  5. What is the problem with kits and struts? They are usually too long/short(take your pick). Don't align properly or fall off/move as soon as they are glued. Try the airfix walrus and see what I mean Biplanes love em but mounting the top plane aaaarrrrrrrrr!
  6. Ah memory not as good as I thought and Mr Ambrose's book not to hand so apologies all round Steve
  7. The first death on d day was reportedly on the bridge the soldiers name was Don Betheridge from the ox and bucks
  8. With all the wonderful work done to make this a proper "faithful annie" you could build one oob as a comparison to show the differences, if that wouldn't offend your sensibilities. Just a thought Best wishes Steve
  9. Going to press the follow button for this one Moa I built one in 1968. No rigging, and the upper wing was never quite square! My only excuse is I was only 13!
  10. Really nice job, love the weathering but ain't it an odd looking beast!? Steve
  11. Museum quality model from an top draw modeler. It has been a great experience to follow the build thread with so many tips and how to's. Again congratulations on a wonderful result. Just half your skill sir would do for me!! All the best Steve
  12. Been following the thread and I have to say "What a great job" Steve
  13. My flabber has never been so gasted a real work of art Moa. A truly brilliant model. Note to self MUST TRY HARDER!!
  14. Interesting I've never heard of these kits. I think I will explore the tinterweb! Steve
  15. Theres a few there for moa to have a go at lol
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