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  1. Cracking build. Hairy stick finish is fabulous. Congratulations all round great result. All the best Steve.
  2. Heather wrestling with a loco? Don't believe it for a moment All your modeling work is wonderful All the best p.s. its not a gateneal kit is it ? lol
  3. Stunning build. Great faded paintwork. Love it, the only thing I noticed was the lack of handles on the ammunition drums ? Might just be me old eyes tho,only have a phone and limited magnification. Still a great job Stay safe Regards steve
  4. You will need flux to tin the tip of the iron. Liquid type is fine, beware of bakers fluid it is very corrosive and will eat into the tips core. Clean, flux and apply solder but be as quick as you can. Keep a damp piece of sponge handy to wipe the tip on this will help keep it clean. The new solder without lead can be a bit of a s#d. I still use the old stuff ( only got a klio or so left) Hope this helps. Heather of this parish might also be able to help Regards Steve
  5. Raised rivers Marklo? Mine only had raised rivets!! You obviously had a special release lol
  6. Attractive little thing ain't she. Nice job
  7. Just wondering if any modeling is liable to break out? Mind you the drivel is entertaining though most of it is beyond my IQ level lol
  8. Truly remarkable camo. I'm not sure if you should get an honour or be psyco analysed! Great work and well beyond and my talents. Can't wait to see the finished aircraft
  9. I'm sorry to say that the blue plaque people don't seem to do all the research they should. Unlike model kit producers who go to the nnnth degree........ha ha
  10. Great beaufighter heather. Love the finish. Can't wait for the next one!! And thanks for the links
  11. Oooooo broard gauge where will I find a wip of that? And what are you building? I'm waiting for wheels for a n.e.r. class h )( connoisseur kit)
  12. Nice job of the beau Heather and the duel gauge hand built track ain't bad either
  13. WANT ONE so I'm off to rob a bank to finance it..........lol. I guess i will have to see if Santa loves me this year!!!
  14. Ha ha I've got it now. You could build 2 one with paddle wheels and as she was when lost( including open deck planks and rotting hull) I shall follow the build, it will be great. All the best Steve PS hope I HAVE got it now or I will look a bit silly
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