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  1. What can I say. This just gets better and better. Museum quality and in such a small scale. Congratulations on the result so far can't wait for more Steve
  2. A very very talented man. A great loss to the modeling world. I wonder if the owners of his models would allow them to be photographed and put in a book as a memorial to a great man. Just a thought. Steve
  3. Great photo.....not where I'd choose to to park it though! I can see what you mean about the roundles I think in future I will indent and not cut. Steve
  4. Really good job! Will you be making cuts where they cross the ailerons? I never know what to do about that, I've tried to cut and have left others with just an indentation. I still can't work out which is right All the best Steve
  5. Thanks Tony Looked at the link and I think I will have to save me pennies! Steve
  6. Would it be possible to model the drop down platforms in the leading edges? Also would it be possible to show the cowlings opened up for maintenance? My partners dad was ground crew with the far east flying boat wing in Seletar. He was on instrument calibration. I would like to build a model in his memory I have lots of photos of them stripped for service inc one of him on a wing platform hence the question. I'm sorry but on my c####y phone I can't see the pics clearly when enlarged Thanks Steve PS the serial no is jn191 "Willie"
  7. Add to that an AW Argosy and an AW Ensign please or the Mayo composite? Steve
  8. Looking good! You will have a supirb model when it's finished. Just noticed my spelling of superb........ Oh dear sorry
  9. Its me again! Been looking at tinterweb and on an familiar auction site there are pics of prop bosses inc one off an re8 yomay be able to count the laminations and work out the thickness's if you can determine the boss thickness Steve
  10. I once owned a clock mounted i n a prop boss stamped RAF 1917 and from memory the laminations were 5/8 to 3/4s of an inch (ish). I can't confirm as i sold the clock some time ago. I. Think there were 5 or 6 laminations Sorry I can't be more use but it may give u a starting point. All the best Steve.
  11. I hlget the same. Don't care what its called don't like it. Things were OK before the changes. Just my opinion Steve
  12. I've been looking at pics of the fee.....and can't wait to see how you sort out the the bracing,flying, and control wires/cables. It was difficult on a 1/48 Dh4 so I will wait to see what cunning plan you come up with! All the best Steve
  13. Thanks so much for taking the trouble to post the " how to" picture explanation of prop manufacture. Its much appreciated. Again many thanks Steve
  14. That prop! Phenomenal! What we now require is a photographic step by step guide on "here's how you do it." Please please Steve
  15. Thanks for the pic. Brilliant modeling agree about the tracks but the rest is great. Just the right amount of weathering good stuff All the best Steve
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