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  1. Hi all this is my last model of 2019 and my biggest 1/72 model I have completed.It was painted with Humbrol acrylics and a big brush,I used two pots of grey paint on the beastie and had to build it on the floor because my bench was not big enough.The instructions call for H32 for the Grey but I could not find that in acrylic so used H27 instead.I know this will upset a lot of real modellers but like I said in my last post,I am not all that hung up on accuracy.Its not going to win any prizes but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out and I had fun building it.Please feel free to criticiz
  2. A marvellous Mig,very well done indeed. mohawk
  3. I like the brutish lines on this aircraft,your model shows these off really well. mohawk
  4. The Skyray looks really good in that scheme. mohawk
  5. The Eagle looks way coll in this colour scheme,well done indeed. mohawk
  6. Not an aircraft I am familiar with,but a cool looking aircraft nevertheless. mohawk
  7. Marvellous Mig,well done sir. mohawk
  8. As you know Keith resin and p.e are not good for mebut even I am struggling to complete somthing for this comp,despite numerous attempts. mohawk
  9. I like your Whitley very much,unfortunately its too complicated a kit for the likes of me. mohawk
  10. I may finish more than most but they are not as good as most either. mohawk
  11. I have attempted a couple of Sword kits and both have ended up in the recycling bin,wonderful job with yours.The colour scheme suits the aircraft.Well done sir. mohawk
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