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  1. Blast! I was at the MK show and saw these in passing but made the mistake of being in a hurry. I'd be interested in hearing more about the 1/72 Hastings in particular. Is there a website or vendor that I can consult for reference? Great looking Gannet, btw. Cheers, P.
  2. Looking forward to watching this coming together. I've been trying to get a hold of one of these kits for a while but have, alas, failed. My daughter especially enjoys the Heron at the DH museum (mainly because of the fun folding tables and semi-reclining chairs...) so fancied building one in the same livery. Nevermind, until the opportunity arises I shall enjoy seeing your build unfold. Cheers, P.
  3. Very happy memories of this kit from my childhood, I reckon it was the last thing I built before retiring from tormenting plastic kits for a while: alas the model does not survive. Despite the problems with the kit (some I knew but some I've just read!) it really captures the look of the aircraft nicely... I still love the big landing gear. IIRC I struggled with the fiddly panels at the front end. I was determined to keep them removable given all the hard work I put in to the engine but the fit on mine was so bad that it all looked a bit rubbish. Looking forward to watching yours coming together from the sidelines. P.
  4. Coming along very nicely, displaying enviable skill and patience. Looking forward to the next thrilling installment, as ever. P.
  5. Beautiful build, beautiful finish, beautiful aircraft. Thanks for sharing, P.
  6. Stunning build. If I didn't know better I'd think this should be posted on the Sci-Fi RFI page... it looks unreal. Thanks for sharing, P.
  7. A great collection showing some lovely work. Favourites are difficult but the Rapide is a beauty (and I do like the contra-rotating props on the Seafire!) Thanks for sharing, P.
  8. Looks smashing. The colour is certainly striking: I love it. Certainly one that my daughter would like to have a go at... perfect. Thanks for sharing, P.
  9. This looks amazing, especially in this scale. I'd love to see one built up before taking the plunge myself. P.
  10. The Comet series all share the same cross section, which is circular. There should be no peaks. All the best, P.
  11. Beautiful build of a beautiful aircraft. Congrats, Sir. I'm interested in all aircraft with a Cranfield connection, however tenuous the connection might be. In this case the Chief Engineer on the FD2 project was Robert Lickley, who had been the first Professor of Aircraft Design at Cranfield. I digress... thanks for sharing this cracking piece of modelling, P.
  12. Very, very tidy. I've been tempted by this kit on a number of occasions but resisted due to the lack of a scheme I fancied... your whiff is a neat solution. Thanks for sharing, P.
  13. Looks good from here! Thanks for sharing, P.
  14. I'm not familiar with the P.166 but it's an impressive start. The landing gear arrangement looks like it's going to be fun to get to grips with?! Thanks for sharing, P. (... 1127... not 166)
  15. Stunning finish, an attractive model generally and a very capable prototype. Thanks for sharing, P.
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