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  1. This both gladdens and saddens my heart. Gladdens because I'm at the sanding / filling ad nauseam stage on my Kestrel built. Saddens because I've only just started and am already 11 months in!
  2. Excellent. I love the Kestrel and am trying something similar with the 1/24 Airfix kit at the moment (there's a thread somewhere...). I'll be watching with interest. Jack
  3. For my money, you've done a great job on this. The model really captures the evocative shape of the aircraft nicely and the landing gear is spot on. Thanks for sharing, Jack
  4. Hoorah for the Christmas holidays! Glad to see you back at the coal face: watching with interest. Jack
  5. P.1127

    Concorde 101 G-AXDN

    Orso, that looks pretty good to me. Can you give some more details about the tail? Did you make it yourself? I am aware of the Concorde SST site, which I have enjoyed looking through but couldn't find anything specific relating to the differences G-AXDN and the production aircraft. I may have missed it! Nick, I had to google the HPH Concorde: Wow, what a kit. It definitely looks to be a production machine though rather than machine 101... I think 102 was much closer to a production machine so perhaps it's a good representation of that?!
  6. Hello all, Sorry everyone if this question has been raised and answered before... I searched but couldn't find anything (user error?!). I'm very much looking forward to receiving a Revell boxing of the infamous 1/72 Concorde for Christmas. How do I know so far in advance? I bought it myself for my wife to wrap for me... but it does mean I get to do a bit of planning before the big day. I make an annual visit to Duxford with some students and rather like the livery of the Concorde there, G-AXDN. My question then, is there a definitive list of changes (large and not so large) between the pre-production G-AXDN and the production models? Obvious to me is the shorter tail-cone on G-AXDN compared to the production aircraft and the different engine nozzles? What else have I missed? Is a conversion of the kit back to G-AXDN possible given my mediocre modelling talent (I reference my Kestrel build)? Thanks for looking, Jack
  7. Aaaaand finally, here are some photos taken showing the current state of play (sorry for persistent poor quality... maybe one of them is in focus?!) The revised ejection seat and landing gear are not shown here: I left them in the box by mistake. You can see that I have committed to the original Kestrel tailplane shape. XP984 only flew a few flights in this configuration and only ever conventionally (no hovering) but I think it adds another layer of interest to the model and was a quick and easy thing to do to the original Airfix bits. The pitot probe is (obviously) home made and is intended to be as durable as possible. It's made from snuggly fitting styrene tube of varying diameters along it's length whilst the tip is a piece of piano wire. It's not yet glued, nor will it be until just before the final coats of paint. I'll then attach it with the tiniest amount of super-glue, fill and sand the joint and hope that it doesn't get knocked too much! The next job is to tidy the air intake a little more before spraying a coat of filler-primer to really see how it's doing! Once the intake is "sorted" I'll then glue the engine in place, followed by the wing. This will then allow me to tackle the revised over-wing fairing! Thanks for looking, Jack
  8. The 1/24 scale Kestrel project lives on! I've been pretty inactive over the last few months due to both family and work commitments but work has been rumbling along on XP984. I've made some attempt to add detail to the cockpit and have remade the instrument panel to be more representative of a Kestrel: there were some significant differences between it and the Harrier in this regard. The big news though is that I could no longer resist and I've glued the fuselage halves together... I probably should have waited but I needed the motivation of making what felt like progress! It has meant though that: I've now managed to make the loooooong pitot probe for the nose (this MUST NOT be glued until much closer to the end)... I was l looking forward to this bit as it forms such an integral part of the overall look of the machine I've also filled in the Harrier airbrake and got that roughly blended in to the surrounding fuselage I've fitted the extended tail-boom (the full size housing for the anti-spin 'chute) I've glued in place the fin and faired in the bottom joint with the fuselage ... and finally I've started the mammoth task of filling in all of the dimples (rivet holes). TBF, I quite like them but they're definitely over-scale, at least depth-wise and so many had been obliterated by modifying the rest of the fuselage that the rest also had to go. For this job I had intended to use filler/primer but I was also told that Perfect Plastic Putty (?!) was good stuff so I treated myself to a tube. It's gone on well so far, sands beautifully, dries much faster than anything else I've tried and is definitely more controllable than the Humbrol filler or Isopon car body filler I had been using for the big jobs. I've managed to secure myself the missing (starboard) tailplane half for the princely sum of £45... but it does come with an un-made Sea Harrier FRS1 kit so not TOO bad... but it still means I'm half a tailplane down... nevermind! I'm hoping to be able to take some photos over the next few days so will show the progress then! Thanks, Jack
  9. I'll follow along as well, if I may! These 1/32 kits seem to be very reasonably priced and I'll be interested to see how this one goes together. Good luck.
  10. Cracking build, brilliant display. That's for sharing, Jack
  11. This is right up my street, a great idea to stop a model heading off to landfill: "green" modelling! look forward to seeing how you get on with it. What's your plan regarding the paint scheme? Jack
  12. Gah... I assumed (clearly incorrectly) that the intake configuration was fixed for XP984... more research required obviously. I'll think on re. the tailplane: I've already modified the one I have to what I think is the original configuration and am trying to source a starboard half: if I come across both halves for sale I'll perhaps stick to the Harrier type. In reality there's a little bit of time to finalise the configuration but I am getting itchy and wanting to glue the fuselage together... I MUST resist! Thanks for your interest, Jack
  13. Lovely start, especially the instrument panel. Looking forward to watching this progress. Jack
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