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  1. Watching and following with interest. I managed to bag myself a part started (but only just) Matchbox version of this kit a year or so ago at a good price. Looking forward to seeing how it should be done! Any idea of the aircraft you're for? Cheers, Jack
  2. Fantastic modelling making on display here, a very determined effort with excellent results so far. Your compressor faces look particularly nice, a great technique there. It's a shame there's so much awry with this kit but you're doing a great job! Jack
  3. Such a nostalgic kit for me, I had one sitting on a little black stand in my childhood bedroom until the post-university clear out got rid of it. Great story of a great piece of aviation too! I'll follow with delight Jack
  4. Enjoying this a much as I enjoyed your Boeing 314 build. The comparison shown of the Sunderland and Empire fuselages is enlightening. Jack
  5. Looking better and better and better! Jack
  6. Following along eagerly. I enjoyed your Boeing 314 build immensely and I have no doubt this will be as good! Jack
  7. I think you're right... I fancied the wings could be modified but not much else of use. I occasionally check auction sites for a damaged or built kit with that in mind. I have admired your Type 1000 build recently, cannot fault it, especially in that livery. Cheers, Jack
  8. I'll follow along, if I may? Solid progress so far, although I can offer no support on the paint front other than expressing sympathy. I've often fancied once of these kits for converting into a "Type 1000" airliner... maybe too much! Thanks for sharing, Jack
  9. Another delightful thread to follow, thanks for continuing to take the time to share.
  10. This both gladdens and saddens my heart. Gladdens because I'm at the sanding / filling ad nauseam stage on my Kestrel built. Saddens because I've only just started and am already 11 months in!
  11. Excellent. I love the Kestrel and am trying something similar with the 1/24 Airfix kit at the moment (there's a thread somewhere...). I'll be watching with interest. Jack
  12. For my money, you've done a great job on this. The model really captures the evocative shape of the aircraft nicely and the landing gear is spot on. Thanks for sharing, Jack
  13. Hoorah for the Christmas holidays! Glad to see you back at the coal face: watching with interest. Jack
  14. Orso, that looks pretty good to me. Can you give some more details about the tail? Did you make it yourself? I am aware of the Concorde SST site, which I have enjoyed looking through but couldn't find anything specific relating to the differences G-AXDN and the production aircraft. I may have missed it! Nick, I had to google the HPH Concorde: Wow, what a kit. It definitely looks to be a production machine though rather than machine 101... I think 102 was much closer to a production machine so perhaps it's a good representation of that?!
  15. Hello all, Sorry everyone if this question has been raised and answered before... I searched but couldn't find anything (user error?!). I'm very much looking forward to receiving a Revell boxing of the infamous 1/72 Concorde for Christmas. How do I know so far in advance? I bought it myself for my wife to wrap for me... but it does mean I get to do a bit of planning before the big day. I make an annual visit to Duxford with some students and rather like the livery of the Concorde there, G-AXDN. My question then, is there a definitive list of ch
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