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  1. Fingers crossed not too long. Made a stupid mistake and forgot to put a gloss coat on the little bits of the front grille that need decals, but I think I’ve got away with it. Thank you! Trying my hardest.
  2. Pre-ordered some aircraft bits at Plaza Japan so threw this in too.
  3. Here we go with the OOB Tamiya F-14D. Researching, I read that VF-11 were one of the first two squadrons to receive the D, so I thought it was a good choice, along with the sparse look of the bird.
  4. A bit more done - have done some of the interior bits, and finally put the colour coat on and polish. Had some trouble getting the best finish from my airbrush so resorted to using a rattlecan - Tamiya Brilliant Orange, which definitely looks the part.
  5. Just preordered the No.2 weapons set from Plazajapan after receiving the Aardvark F-4J from them a couple of weeks ago and not realising the weapons weren't included.
  6. Have just received the Fine Molds F-4J, so I think it might be fun joining with the Aardvarks scheme.
  7. A few more little bits. Painted the brakes and added the tiny decals, then fitted the rear suspension and axle, then a little drybrushing with flat aluminium (probably a bit too heavy).
  8. Absolutely, that's what I use them for, they clear my mind, at least until I lose something to the carpet monster Now if I could get them on prescription...
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