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  1. I'm an idiot. I was having an issue with the canopy and rage killed it.
  2. Sadly Pandora's Box was downed and will no longer be available for duty.
  3. Have not been as fast as I'd like but has had to be drips and drabs, but all the weapons are finally going on and now sorting the final paint job and the canopy before the clear coat.
  4. Nice work! I have one that I built half of but felt that it wasn't looking great, but maybe I'll pull it out of the stash and finish it.
  5. Work continues, now doing weapons. Not bad, although the minigun holder snapped twice! First the special hobby one, then the Revell backup one. Have glued the latter back together and fingers crossed it'll all be ok...
  6. I got the novus stuck in the grooves of the doors and it won't come out, any suggestions?
  7. Thank you, I was going to airbrush it but I seem to have lost my paint jar so I had to brush paint it.
  8. Yes please, I quite fancy that Star Trek kit with the F-104 from "Tomorrow is Yesterday".
  9. Fuselage now closed up, a couple of iffy bits mainly due to the terrible instructions but all good.
  10. Managed to get the figures in the tub and the side panels on, now started putting together the fuselage in preparation for all that olive drab.
  11. Figures aren't done yet, need to do seatbelts and a bit more detailing but they're not far off. Had to cut the pilot (left) arm off to move it and will likely have to shave some off so he can fit in the cockpit, as they're designed to be in it with the canopy open, but I'm doing it closed. But that's why it looks gnarly.
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