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  1. Well I did some priming and it turns out this kit is not especially great. Dry fitting revealed a few fixes needed, including big spaces on the secondary hull, so that'll be fun. Flash (aa-aaah) everywhere, too.
  2. The year was 1996. The year of Euro '96 and that Gareth Southgate penalty, of Alanis Morrisette and the Spice Girls, and I imagine other things happened too. For a sci-fi geek like me, however, the big moment was the (UK) launch of a new Star Trek series, Voyager, with the franchise's first (white) female captain, a promise of some interesting outlandish places to discover, as the ship was lost millions of miles from Earth, and most importantly a brand new starship. The show never held great interest for me and I think I gave up on watching it religiously after season 3 or so, but I remember visiting Toys 'R' Us (RIP) at the time and picking up a brand new model kit of the titular ship. I'd been used to building the AMT ships, but this "Revell" company were new to me. It was a decent model and I had fun with it, although back then I didn't really have the patience to build it properly, nevertheless it was a fond memory. Thankfully, it's been reissued a couple of times by Revell, and the latest rebox includes the shuttle that was only included in a later Special Edition version of the kit, released by Monogram in the US I believe. So she's ready for a proper build this time, ready for priming - let's see what the weather does here, as I usually spray outside. For the moment, here's the obligatory sprue shot, as well as a pic of the original issue box art. LLAP.
  3. I'd be happy if I could come aboard with a Revell USS Voyager that I had (and built badly) when I was a teen...
  4. Yes please... I have a Tamiya F14D in the stash waiting for a special occasion.
  5. Okay, here’s my completed Revell 1/58 Jedi Starfighter as flown by Anakin in Revenge of the Sith. It’s not a bad little kit, especially as you can get it cheap, although the limitations are fairly obvious. I brush painted it using Vallejo acrylics and used the hairspray method for chipping with an undercoat of Vallejo Metals Chrome. As usual, I think I over-weathered it but hopefully that’ll improve with further projects. Comments and criticism
  6. I actually found Obi-Wan's starfighter and the Sith Infiltrator in TK Maxx a few weeks back, both starter sets and about £6 each.
  7. Bit of a wait but finally got the top coat on (Humbrol white gloss) and some of the black parts.
  8. Unless I'm going blind, you seem to have missed off my 007 Lotus submarine...
  9. Finally started this. Primed, then started on the interior. It looks pretty good although took a bit of sanding to fit some of the parts, instrument panel decal took a little work and a lot of micro sol but then I always seem to have this issue with decals in Japanese kits. Need to give the boot space another coat, looked at the shots of the real car in the film and there was a bit of tartan in between the seats on the backwall, but I thought I'd leave it as it's not going to be seen clearly anyway. I stupidly had an incident with the steering wheel where I left it on the side to dry and one of the cats (or maybe Blofeld's?) had a chew, but it looks okay all things considering.
  10. Have loved this car since seeing THE SPY WHO LOVED ME as a kid, still have both Corgi die-cast scales. Am planning to add a small bit of diorama after the main build, dependent on that goes, but the kit seems nice enough, Fujimi 1/24.
  11. I have a Bandai in the box, so depending on how long the Esprit takes me, I may do one myself.
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