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  1. Well... I found time to repair some of the damage I had done and create new problems along they way, as you would expect! A rookie mistake was to mount the 100 gal. tank pylons on the wrong (outer) location instead of the proper inboard ! Why does it always take s-o-o- long to get the last bits done?? OMG, the stencils!! I read some of the aerial display units (Blue Diamond, Black Arrows) only had minimal stenciling...I don't know if that also applied to to 4FTS, but I'm taking some artistic licence! Of course that is it when when all the handling damage takes place! I bro
  2. I do remember building this as a teenager... was hard to get the engine in perpendicular and level! She looks super!
  3. This is ...just... stunning! I don't know which is best, the photography or the "model"....just fantastic artwork is any case!
  4. Wow. I bow in your general direction, Chris! Quite a nice build... You may be "venting on" about the F5 exhausts, but that is quite the cockpit you built! How you got those knobs and dials so precise is beyond me! HOW did you do it!? I am struggling with 3 of my own Revell 1/32nds (F Mk.6, FGA.9/Mk58 and the ol' original kit FGA9 with the ill-mannered tapered leading edges). I just stripped off the red and white training scheme for the second time... gonna get it right or blow a gasket trying! keep up the fantastic work! Doug S.
  5. Being a relative virgin at airbrushing, I wouldn't choose this Masking Nightmare again! Just when ya think ya got one color just about right, you discover a tiny over-spray or leak in another! of shots as I walked out the door this a.m....
  6. My twin bro is also a Dave Swindell...in Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA....you have better hair!
  7. I am going to try at least 2... mk.6 Flying Training School and possibly a Raspberry Ripple FGA9. Almost ready to paint the red/white, but need some airbrush practice 1st! Neo by Iwata is all I've got...
  8. Hello from Denver, Colorado, USA! 1st model is going to be 1/32 Hawker Hunter....
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