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  1. Hello I like very much your camo colors However maybe you could check the camo pattern on the left wing. As for the pod, I wouldnt trust Kinetic on their early kit ordonnances. Poor research nad accuracy at that time. Nowadays, their are great. So I would pick the Kittyhawk atlis that looks better to me. But @eclipse will tell if it looks accurate. AS for the markings? Have you made your choice? dont trust Kinetic decals too cheers
  2. Yes! I forgot to tell in my description. Wing panel lines are filled with black cyano glue and then sanded. Some more works but quite rewarding a'd more accurate at the end.
  3. Hello At the beginning I was not very motivated by the build because the comparison with the armastangs I started in parallel was not fair... But well... At the end I am pretty happy with this rather simple build. I am not used to Braille scale so to say... But I enjoyed it. Mostly from the box with 3d printed hvar, arma mustang plastic wheels, kit decals. Painted in Tamiya Lp11/lp38 for the wings. Mr hobby super chrome silver on the fuselage, later coated with satin gx114 varnish to break the metallic shine. Oil weathering. Oh and I had to remove the clear parts and replace them with Tamiya ones. I managed to get cement infiltration on the windshield, and ugly white marks on the joint line of the canopy. Pics taken with canon 800d, transfered and a bit processed on my smartphone. Cheers!
  4. If you like how my 2000D looks like, you can try a mix of H65 H420 +a drop of black for the green. For dark blue gray, I mixed H42 H331 and a drop of black.
  5. Well done! As for the Ammo paint set, I would not trust them at first. Try the colors on samples first. Romain
  6. Hello Nice work! maybe you want to check the mistake Kinetic did on the nose. Their radome is too long and goes backward too much. It should be shorter while the section behind should be longer. In other words you should have to fill the nose panel line and rescribe one much forward. You can compare: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/1074787/652-3-xn-france-air-force-dassault-mirage-2000d/ And a nice pic from the underside camo pattern: https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/964330/618-france-air-force-dassault-mirage-2000d/ Kinetic instruction are wrong if I remember well. Cheers Romain
  7. Hello Gerard! With my friend Eclipse here, you will benefit from usefull advices He helped me a lot on my 1/32 Mirage 2000 builds: cheers! Romain
  8. Thank you very much guys! it is very appreciated and motivating! Thanks Serkan, Yes, during Operation Harmattan, Mirage 2000-5 shared RPL541/542 tanks with Mirage 2000N, which are camouflaged. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/7169489 2000-5 is painted with AKRC 235 and 252, but with a drop of X14 sky blue in each. 2000D green is a mix of H65 H420 and H2, grey blue is H42+H331+H2.
  9. Thank you very very much! Scarlet, for this detail, kudos to Grandmodels and their exquisite resin seats with molded straps
  10. Thank you guys. After 2 years of hard work, feedback I very appreciated
  11. Hello The last 2 years, I was busy with this quite demanding project. And now I am pretty happy to finally share the result . I built side by side two Kittyhawk boxings, both in French Markings: a Mirage 2000-5F during Operation Harmattan (Lybia) in 2011, and a 2000D from Operation Chammal (Iraq/Syria) in 2015. The builds were far from "From the box" so to say... Kittyhawk... well is Kittyhawk you know. Interesting subject, quite nice details, but mistakes, lacks, or incomplete intructions. So I had to provide a lot of work to bring the models to the higher standard they deserve. It was mainly done with the help of 3D printing. Non exhaustive list of addons: - Exhaust: Reskit - Cockpit -5: Renaissance - Cockpit 2000D: 3D+Quinta - Seats: Grandmodels - Wing Tanks RPL541 542: FFSMC - PE parts: Eduard - Wheels: 3D - RPL522 ventral tank: 3D - Missiles & Pylones: 3D - GUB24: 3D - Decals: Uprise et FFSMC - Figures: Reedoak The Mirage 2000-5F: And the Mirage 2000D: The full WIP is detailed in 80 pages of french Cocardes magazine, with English captions. You can order it on their website. Hope you like them! Regards Romain
  12. Hi guys Of course i did not want to hurt anyone. And honnestly did not think of the "child" thing as se obviously is an adult in the sculpture. But I understand it can be seen as distateful. Have a nice day Romain
  13. Thanks Bertie. I understand for the figure itself. But more distateful digital sculpture do exist. Kind of nsfw..
  14. Hi, Another figure printed at home on my Sonic mini4K. Model from stepanovsculpts, bought on cgtrader. Brush painted with acrylics. Still some techniques to improve, but my friend who got this as a birthday present was pretty happy, so am I. Bye!
  15. Hello Something different, and out of my comfort zone. A bust printed on Sonic mini 4K. Black primer overall, armor parts polished with fine abrasive sponge then sprayed with alclad chrome, then buffed. Clothes are sprayed with white from above to enlight edges. Then painted with water based acrylics (mostly Vallejo/prince august) This is the way! Romain
  16. Thank you so much guys! Really appreciated
  17. Thanks guys!! Carlos, 218 is sprayed right onto the plastic. It turned to be that is was a fragile coat as it can disolve easily with enamel thinner. Cheers !
  18. Thank you all! Ct, thanks for feedback. I like taking pics with both black and white background. For this one I would prefer black. And with white, the nose and vertical stab tip are merging with background. Bye
  19. Hello I built this nice little kit last year. I found it very detailed, and despite complex assembly, fitting was pretty good. I added Microdisign PE, and canopy explosive cords from Quinta. Painted with AKREAL 247+239 for light blue ,236 for blue and249+239+a drop of purple for the grey. Weathering with oil, flat varnish from VMS. Bye Romain
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