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  1. I have this kit, planning on building it after my Skyline, so will be following this for all the pearls of wisdom! Although I want to try a metal finish on mine
  2. Wow, that diarama looks amazing. Wish I had the patience (and the space) to do those.
  3. Went to Duxford a few weeks back, it's great seeing them up close, but I find it hard to take photos cause everything is so wedged in
  4. I did an A-10 when I was last in to modelling, and now I'm thinking I might do a set of Gulf War aircraft
  5. I think the poor fitment is more me being impatient than a poor kit, although the nose is a little difficult to place, as there are no guides or anything, and I couldn't get the wings to be any closer than a mm or so to the body. The wings themselves, and the tail fins, engines etc have all gone together well
  6. Thanks mate, I think that's my issue, my standards are too high for my skill level Ankle is much better cheers, been able to start running on it for the past week or so, feels good to be up and doing exercise again!
  7. Kind of lost all motivation for this recently. Been picking at it here and there, but through a mixture misaligned panels and attempts to cover up some mistakes I made, I just seem to have made everything worse than it already was I have very little experience with filling and sanding plastic models, so it's all just a bit of trial and error. I'm hoping primer will cover most of the terrible sanding, but then I'll be able to see the awful attempts at line scribing Think I'm just gonna power through and chalk it up to experience, and hope to improve on my next project! Cheers
  8. Wow, if someone showed me those photos I'd have a hard time working out they were models! Very well done
  9. Ahh, good to know! I was planning on spraying pledge with mine, and had heard that windex etc will clean it up. Guess you didn't find a way of cleaning it, since you stopped?
  10. Ahh ok, cheers. I've never built a car before, so didn't realise there was a difference between fully detailed and curbside models. I've not opened the box for years either, so can't remember what interior (if any) details it has
  11. Hi everyone, I have a Tamiya Calsonic R34 GTR kit (1/24), and I'm wondering if anyone knows of any detail/photo etch sets for it? I've found a couple via Google, but they're both discontinued. Are there any generic parts around for JGTC cars that could be used? I really want to make the most of this kit, as I think it could look amazing. Cheers
  12. I found this video earlier about metal finishes, might be useful as you have access to the Tamiya range. Might be able to substitute other tamiya lacquer paints for the Mr Color ones?
  13. These are the results using the Model Air metallic. I had trouble with intermittent spraying though. Had to have the needle nearly all the way back to get any paint, and even then it wasn't consistent. I ended up having to do an all over brass dusting rather than specific areas like I wanted. Having researched, I think ill give some flow aid or retarder a go, see if that fixes the problem.
  14. Not tried it myself, but want to in the future (see what I did there? ) This page has a lot of info on it http://www.swannysmodels.com/TheCompleteFuture.html
  15. Great build thread. Very jealous of your patience and commitment, I'dve sacked it off years ago
  16. More, very slow, updates. Got the nozzles painted using Vallejo Model Metallic Air Gunmetal, with a light coat of black, and a dusting of bright brass, just need to add some weathering and Tamiya clear blue to show some heat stress on the outside. Thinking of using graphite to give a dirty, matt look. Had trouble spraying very light coats of the Vallejo paints, and I got a lot of stuttering and couldn't get a very light, fine coat. After looking online, it might be due to tip try, so will get some flow aid/retarder in the near future and see if that helps. Also need to paint the insides white and give some sort of black wash. From photos they look like they're ceramic coated and covered in soot. And my reference photos Still waiting to get some plasticard to sort out the gap between the nose and the fuselage sections. That's my bottle neck at the minute, so just bumming around doing little bits I can get on with. Cheers
  17. I did a project at school on the Blackbird. There was the A12, which was CIA, not air force, and they also had a YF12, which was supposed to be a fighter version. I think they only made 1 or 2, but it had little cut aways on the nose and looked the dogs danglies.
  18. I use a really rough mix of isopropanol and deionised water, but I struggle to get dried paint off, normally leaves a little ring around where the surface of the paint was, even if I clean it as soon as I finish painting. Although a little bit of neat ipa tends to sort it out. What's butyl glycol for?
  19. Went for Vallejo in the end. Used the steel for a couple of F-15 fans and I'm pretty impressed. Sprayed it on top of gloss back and I think it gives a pretty realistic metal colour. Didn't take any photos though Thanks for the advice
  20. Thanks for the tip. I bought it thinking it was a primer of some kind
  21. Been looking around forums and videos at how people make their own airbrush cleaner, and I've seen a lot of people use Windex/Windolene for its ammonia content. Just wondering how feasible it would be to use something like Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF, or adblue etc), as that is basically just ammonia and water? It makes sense in my head at least... I guess it might also be useful for removing Klear/Future/Floor Polish/whatever it's called at this moment. I'm not planning on using it myself, as I don't own a diesel car, but would be interested if anyone else has tried it and had success?
  22. A tiny bit more progress: got the fuselage and engine nozzles together The fiddliest things in the known universe @FortyEighter thanks for the tips on putting it together, will be needing the tiniest of wedges and a bit of sanding to line up properly. I also found out that Tamiya X-21 Flat Base is not actually a flat base, dunno what gave me that idea very nearly ruined the nozzles, but a quick wash in water and I'm hoping they'll be good to go with a decent primer on. On the plus side, I broke my ankle last week playing basket ball, so I'll have more time to work on this. Every cloud etc
  23. Awesome, thanks for the advice Mike. If it's covered, I might have a go at attacking the nub with a knife, see if I can make some room. I've just painted the inside of the intakes, so hoping I don't have to resort to covering them up! Also, not tried using plasticard before either, so it's another new skill I can have a crack at!
  24. Looks like it's going to be awesome, always loved this jet.
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