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  1. I think it's my own impatience that is causing my issues
  2. I'm building the Academy version, had a right game with conformal tanks, one side has gone on perfect, but the other side is terrible Yours is looking great though, really like the paint work
  3. Looks like it'll be a cracker! Don't know anything about this plane, so will be interested to see more of your references too
  4. I've seen this before too, saw one land at Fairford, and it's the front undercarriage that touches down first
  5. Looking forward to this, always liked the Flanker from my Ace Combat 4 days
  6. Looking forward to seeing/getting some tips on the bare metal finish, good luck with the build
  7. I might have missed this, but was this a prototype of the Flanker?
  8. The F35 looks very realistic, great work with the paint job
  9. Congratulations on your engagement! Lightning looks good too
  10. Looks good! Russian jets are my favourite I think. It's going back a bit now, but how did you do the composite leading edges? Is that a decal?
  11. A very small update today. Did some filling using stretched sprue for the first time, and I'm quite please with the results. It was a fairly big gap, and there's still a little bit more I need to do, especially where I got a bit heavy handed with a cocktail stick, but I have to say, for the effort involved (minimal) I'm pleased with how it looks
  12. I have this kit, planning on building it after my Skyline, so will be following this for all the pearls of wisdom! Although I want to try a metal finish on mine
  13. Wow, that diarama looks amazing. Wish I had the patience (and the space) to do those.
  14. Went to Duxford a few weeks back, it's great seeing them up close, but I find it hard to take photos cause everything is so wedged in
  15. I did an A-10 when I was last in to modelling, and now I'm thinking I might do a set of Gulf War aircraft
  16. I think the poor fitment is more me being impatient than a poor kit, although the nose is a little difficult to place, as there are no guides or anything, and I couldn't get the wings to be any closer than a mm or so to the body. The wings themselves, and the tail fins, engines etc have all gone together well
  17. Thanks mate, I think that's my issue, my standards are too high for my skill level Ankle is much better cheers, been able to start running on it for the past week or so, feels good to be up and doing exercise again!
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