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  1. It honestly feels like forever since I last sat down at the bench to get some modelling done. Slow and steady progress on the Corsair this morning. Started with the wheel construction. Two pictures, first is all parts removed and cleaned. Second is the wheels built. https://flic.kr/p/2idNeTv Thanks for looking guys! Cheers, Steven
  2. Good Evening all. Got a little bit of progress this Saturday eve. Parts for the next stages of the build snipped and cleaned up below. First part of the build was the wheel and hook. Went together really smoothly, happy with the build of this. Once the wheel section was constructed, I grabbed the constructed pilot in his seat section to put together the body of the plane. Went together rather easily, could probably do with a little bit of filling and sanding before I begin painting. Onto the
  3. Will definitely give the article a look. I need to make some painting purchases very soon. Appreciate your help! Thanks, Steven
  4. Great progress. Your patience and hand control for the camouflage has really impressed me. When I get round to purchasing some figures I think I'll have to get in touch for some hints, tips and tricks. Enjoy the rest of the project, I'm still watching. Steven
  5. A little bit of progress this morning on parts of the engine. I have to say there was a frustrating amount of cleaning up to do on the parts, but it does look pretty cool when it's all put together. First picture is the parts clipped, cleaned and ready for the build. Then a couple more of the constructed piece. Unfortunately it's the time of year where it's quite busy with family and friends so progress has been slow. Hopefully this ensures that I keep the parts well cleaned and the build is to a good standard. WIshing
  6. Did you do it all freehand? Or do you use masking tape to separate the two colours of the camo? Sorry for the questions, I'm not much of a painter so I need to learn the tricks. Cheers, Steven
  7. Glad to see someone building one of these as I nearly took the plunge this weekend on purchasing one. The kit looks brilliant, great job of the build. Did you use an air brush to do the camouflage? Cheers, Steven
  8. Thanks for this mate. Fingers crossed I can pull it all off when the time comes. I will definitely be using these photographs as a reference point. I must admit I'm still looking at doing the wings folded up so we shall see what happens. Another question I have for all the members out there. Can anyone recommend a starter paint set for painting up aircraft? I'm going to have to pop some paint onto them at somepoint. Thanks all, Steven
  9. I must admit I'm still to decide. I normally build straight wing but now the opportunity presents itself I might tackle folded for a change. Out of curiosity how should I rejig the build order if I opt for straight? I did chuckle as I was walking out of hovercraft. I was meant to buy paint supplies so I can finish these off properly but I guess I've put the painting off once again seeing as I consider my skills to be appalling and rather enjoy just building from the box.
  10. Looks like a fun build to me! I haven't heard of Rubicon Models before so I will definitely take a look. Best of luck with the build. Cheers, Steven
  11. Good evening and a Happy Christmas to all of the Brit Modeller members. Festivities, family commitments and work related nonsense have gotten in the way of any modelling that could take place over the last week or so. Funnily enough, the only hobby related item I've been able to crack on with is the purchasing of more models (I see how you all end up with stashes, mines grown by four this morning). Work on the Corsair has started this morning and out of the three models I'm definitely the most excited about this one. I've never built an aircraft in 1/32 scale before so
  12. Really appreciate the photographs. I will certainly try my best. Thanks for the tip!
  13. Looks brilliant! I admire your patience with all that brass work, I think I shake to much for detail like that. I'm not normally one for looking at ships but this has certainly made me want to take the plunge! Cheers, Steven
  14. The interior of that M113 has literally blown me away. Bravo!
  15. I've been meaning to take the plunge of a dragon figure kit for a very long time. This is definitely going somewhere around the top. They look fantastic! Great job! That camouflage paint work is amazing, I am really impressed. I look forward to seeing the finished project, thanks for sharing! Steven
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