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  1. I thin the Tamiya acrylics to 1 part thinner 2 parts paint, following instructions I have read up, I checked the consistency and it's like milk. I think I have it thinned right.......I hope lol, not getting any spider webbing or splatters, only time I had a splatter was when I pulled the trigger back before pushing down, other than that, thinking I'm getting the hang of it.
  2. Sorry, I only just seen your reply, thanks for taking the time to explain that, was getting a bit worried as it seems so low. I'm new to airbrushing and only recieved it Monday. Is 15psi enough to be airbrushing scale models? I'm using Tamiya acrylic paints and hoping to use Testors dullcote 1160 in a bottle and spray that through another airbrush. I'm thinking of getting a Sparmax Max 4 to spray the dullcote with.
  3. Can anyone who owns/owned the Sparmax Arism Viz help me with a possible issue please? I have this along with a Iwata Eclipse airbrush, I'm only able to maintain a maxium airflow rate of around 15 psi with and without the silver bullet attached, the compressor and be reading well over 50 psi on the gauge but as soon as the trigger is pulled on the airbrush, airflow and pressure gauge rapidly decrease to to around 12-15 psi, is this right or just a faulty compressor? P.s I did check for air leaks using soapy water around the seals.
  4. Thanks for the welcomes, just in the process of picking up the last bits of equipment to get me going again and then away I'll be
  5. Hey there, I'm getting back into modelling again after taking a 15 year break so all these products seem new to me haha, I'm heading down the airbrushing route this time, I have been watching a lot of videos on YouTube where people are using Testors Spray Lacquer in a blue spray can to protect and seal in their paintwork and then using enamel washes to weather the models after. I can't seem to find the Testors spray available in the UK, I did however find Testors Dullcote in a silver/white spray can or a bottle, was wondering if these were the same type of products? I'm going to be us
  6. Hey all, Returning back after 14-15 years away from the hobby to get my hands messy with paint and glue again, I'm mainly going to focus on building 1:35 scale World War II tanks, with the odd plane and ship added into the mix. Feels like it's going to be all new to me again haha! I'm heading down the airbrushing route this time around, quite excited about it, I shall be making a post, showing stage by stage of the kits I build, may also venture into starting a YouTube channel.
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