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  1. I read that if you were to replace only one thing that it should be the cowl!
  2. They operated out of Singapore in Sept ‘45 and most likely still flew over Burma. Early on in 44 they operated out of Palel and did the same thing with their Mohawks and Spitfires. I believe at this Late time frame the aircraft would have had the white I’d band on the tail but up until they’re move to Singapore I believe they only had them as you have modeled. Im doing the same kit and almost identical markings. Yours looks great, I really like the colour palette.
  3. I love that scheme for your RNZAF Corsair!
  4. A trick I used was to leave one folded and one normal, space saving but also versatile.
  5. Beazer

    Best aluminium paint?

    Sometimes the best aluminum paint isn’t paint at all. Consider delving into Bare Metal Foil. I’ve done entire models with it and it works like a charm.
  6. Greens on. There is soooo much debate on Irish Seafire fuselage colours. Some saying Humbrol 90 was the closest. Supposedly greyer than your standard BS Grey Green. Hard to tell to me. I put Vallejo Model Air IDF/IAF Green which is the BS283 on the wheel wells and interior which I figured may not have been repainted after the handover from the Brits. On the outside I used AKAN's BS283 Grey Green. The difference in my eyes between two colour swatches I made was the AKAN was more faded or seems more grey whereas the vallejo has more of a yellow tone to it. I thought about using different Sky Type S colours and the Vallejo Int. Grey Green as well but they didnt seem to be accurate. The light makes it definitely look like a brighter green but in person its more matte/pastel. Does anyone feel its close to accurate? lol
  7. White identification stripes on. I have to edit some things I discovered. The planes that forced landed were registered DG G, DG E, DG P, and of course the one Im modelling the DG W. The planes went down in Singaling Khampti on August 27th 1944. Their operating airfield was Palel at the time. They bellylanded out of fuel after a ground attack mission. At 1125 F Sgt Wolstenholme led a section of four detailed to strafe rolling stock and cattle at YE-U(?). Fg Offr Tough, WO MacLaine and WO Callicot were with him. After two and a half hours passed they had not returned. FLt Lt Meyer took off to try and get in contact with R/T but failed to do so. A pilot for another squadron who had been airborne at midday said he had heard REDSKIN Blue 2 calling for a fix. It was later learnt that all four aircraft had force landed at Singkaling-Khampti on the Chindwin. The pilots were safe, but a long distance from civilization. Aug 28 1944 Sqn Ldr Krohn and Plt Offr Ostrander went out to see if they could locate the missing pilots. Four Spitfires were found on an unserviceable strip at NW2412. All aircraft believed to be Cat III. Laid out in white was "155 OK 741x101". The four pilots were seen to be waving. The figures probably refered to the size of the strip, which the pilots seemed to have been endeavoring to clear. The four returned in the afternoon of Sept.6, having been flown out of Singkaling-Khamti by the Americans in L5s. During their sortie to Ye-U they were unable to find the target because of cloud. They found a break in Kyaikthina and strafed the station and rolling stock. On their return journey the weather was bad and they were forced to land at Sinkaling. Knowing this would they have mounted bombs for rolling stock or would they have just went out with guns to conserve fuel?
  8. Sorry for the bad photo but in that nose gear bay is a bunch more PE. In my haste I forgot to add the whole lot and had to modify some items to fit it all in there. Luckily nothing is noticeable. The PE bracing for the open port with access to that one gun barrel was fiddly as hell and I needed two more hands just to have it aligned properly. So many fiddly parts. Seams are sanded down now and everything is ok except that nose. Just going to rescribe the line and deal with it I think. Dont want to remove too much detail. Next I'll be moving on to the wings. Im sure the intakes will be soooo much fun.
  9. As you can tell with it all closed up, there will be some cleanup of the seams. The vacuform canopy worries me as I've never used that before and I tend to be a bit of a klutz and smash things. It will be nice to show off all the nice interior stuff however. Funny note: Using a ton of lead weight in the nose and super thin superglue and then using ca accelerator ends up in superglue everywhere and some damn hot plastic. I thought it was going to melt and then my fingers got stuck to it. Had to do quite a bit of sanding to clean it up. Hopefully it doesnt show through the final finish too much but if it does I'm accounting for weather beaten paint and damage from sorties.
  10. Beazer

    AK real colors book

    Sorry, been super busy and forgot about it all. I will post up some pics tomorrow. Will this work for ya?
  11. Beazer

    AK real colors book

    Sorry, been super busy and forgot about it all. I will post up some pics tomorrow.
  12. Finished the last of the detail painting. Added some scrapes and dings that appear more apparent in person. I'm really pleased with the cockpit so far and have now glued it together in hopes this old beast cooperates without too much filler and sanding( rolls eyes). This is really gonna take till August and I kind of wanted to start three more models.
  13. I think I may actually have that on order. All the information I have is from the family for the most part.
  14. Beazer

    AK real colors book

    Sure can. When I get back from railroading I’ll post up some stuff for you.
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