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  1. I think i ink I should clean up the anti-glare panel and make it more flat. It looks a bit to glossy for my taste. Sorry for the long wait. I’ve had a ton of stuff pop up and training for a mountain race. I think that’s pretty much it for this guy. I may clean it up a tad and then add a little weathering as far as chips and fuel stains are concerned but the flat base is on and the glass is in. There’s been a couple hiccups and the decals almost crazed on me but it turned out well. I wasn’t sure if there were rounders on the bottom so just didn’t bother with that since it will just sit in the cabinet with it’s other brethren. Ill post more pics after I call it officially completed for the build(woohoo first gb and more to come) and then do whatever I have to do as an official submission. Let me know of your keen eyes picked up something I may have missed.
  2. Was hoping Canada but can always try that as well.
  3. I wonder if this would be available to us over the pond. Awesome subject.
  4. I could try and do a Canadian water bomber. Count me in if this happens.
  5. I don’t have the gumption to do that kit so I’m just stealing the resin bits. Kudos for a great looking kit.
  6. I’m saving this kit for the p-40 build. Great reviews so far. I’ll be doing the exact same scheme I think too.
  7. Oh man I didn’t even know. Time to find a good Mig -21F Kit and decals lol. Do a BMF finish and spray a clear coat on it to make it look dull. Do that F-84F too while I’m at it.
  8. Love the weathering, I’m about to begin mine in FAA colours. Did your kit need the rear cockpit glass carved out?
  9. Decals and stencils applied, I really do think adding stencils with the right colour makes quite the difference vs straights decals. Hopefully the last little problem I encounter is this one. I have no references available that indicate if I should have roundels on the top or bottom of the wings or even any kind of demarcation. I’ll look again tomorrow but I think there should be none. if anyone could enlighten me then that would be great. Just need to order some more serial numbers from the t-33 sheet I had because I’m missing two to complete the build. Once thats done done I’ll toss on a coat of flat do some stressing and she’ll be done.
  10. Work done on the fiddley bits. The walkways I have to make quite a bit darker so plan on addressing that shortly.
  11. Great looking Hind! I have to find an excuse to put together my big one now!
  12. Working on installing the barrels. A lot more difficult than I thought it should be.
  13. Fixed! Now comes the adventurous part. I have to drill two holes in each wing for the metal barrels. One I can easily do because of the cut off Hispano cannon, but I’ve got to free ball it for the adjacent cover. Had to rinse the resin parts today as I forgot to do that. Doh. Prop should get done in short order after that dries. Trying to muster up courage for paints and using the airbrush for the first time...
  14. Thanks, I really liked the way the belts turned out. Almost got a worn split leather thing going on. The plastic seat colour I had to mess around with as well to get the right effect which of course you can barely see. Started work on some more lovely sanding.
  15. So we had a mishap... Tiny dancers vibrations tend to make models fall when drying. I think I may have gotten off lucky. Had to reglue and most likely sand these joints again. Just after I finally figured out how the original colour that I was planning on using was too green. I instead opted for Tamiya Olive Drab. After trying to find close matches and pouring over some data I just decided the photo I was referencing most likely had a colour imbalance. Also much to my chagrin the red turned out poorly. So I will be hand painting that and touching up the silver before I move on. Should be able to wrap this sucker up within the week now.
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