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  1. Excellent work. I'd love to see a couple of wider shots tho...
  2. I thought the picture was of the box lid! I was thinking "Where's the tamiya logo etc". In other words; excellent job
  3. Nice model. No markings that I can see, was that common?
  4. That looks good. The blue background sets it off nicely
  5. Nice one. I love those patriotic messages
  6. Nice. What does the slogan on the turret say?
  7. Nice weathering and colour modulation
  8. I had one of these years ago. Suffice to say yours is a far superior finish.
  9. Well, there's something you don't see every day. Good job
  10. He's lucky to have you as a friend; that's a lot of quality work.
  11. Unusual camo, I like it. Is it an actual pattern that existed or just something you fancied doing?
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