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  1. Such a rare subject matter and executed wonderfully. Great looking model. Very nice job Reini Ben (Thanks for the history knowledge too)
  2. In a word... "Superb". Such a wonderful representation of, IMO one of the most beautiful aircraft of the war. Great work sir Also thanks for sharing your friends FB reply. That gave me a chuckle. Ben
  3. Wow... Nice job Sam. Great looking 111. It looks so crisp. Looking forward to seeing your Stuka when you get around to it.
  4. That's a proper beaut fella. Great job. Love the 50/50 on the one fuel tank. Lovely detail.
  5. Really nice job there. She's a cracker. That's YET another kit added to the want list (thanks to you) haha. Nice Tonka too fella! Ben
  6. Very nicely done Ian. Definitely looks like you've got your mojo back. I've been the same. Only got back into it a couple of months back after about 15yrs hiatus. I feel much better in myself also after picking it back up. I hope you feel the same Great looking Hurricane! Ben
  7. Very nice job on both kits Andy. Shouldn't give that face with your age either fella. Be proud, as your modelling shows you have wisdom with age. We fellas are always younger in heart and brain anyways (big kids) Great job Andy. Ben
  8. Wow!!! It's a joy to see a model done this well. Absolutely great job all around. Great choice of aircraft too. The Russians had some really nice planes that you don't see very often. Ben
  9. Great job Grizly! Gotta love the Mozzi. IMO it's one of the most beautiful planes of the war, and you've done it justice on your build. How was it to build? Ben
  10. Many thanks Troy! I know your reply wasn't meant for me, but you've give me the solution to the problem I've been having latey. I've bookmarked that page and I'm sourcing the required product. Cheers Ben
  11. Absolutely first class finish and weathering. Not an easy thing on a model that size. Well done Chris! Ben
  12. Hey Chris... Good luck on your Hurricane build. Just wanted to let you know that your Lego brick support frame has inspired me for future builds. Simple yet handy! Thanks Ben
  13. Great job Neil... Especially for a couple of hours work! I recently completed that exact model as a gift for my Grandad. Got it for Christmas a couple of years back and had been putting it off. Wish I'd have posted it now but didn't think anyone would be interested in it. (I guess because I'm new). Oh well. Great job.... Can't beat good old LIDL Hope the one near me gets some in. Ben
  14. Really very nice! A1... Looks superb. As somebody else already said, the canopy tint really makes a difference. (how did you do that?)
  15. Thanks for the advise. I'll definitely keep an eye out for that! And you're more than welcome. Once again... Nice job Mr Parisian. (I don't know how to do the dash over the E) And I feel rude spelling your name wrong. Cheers mate
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