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  1. Ok, that is just unbelievable, both your finish as well as the intrinsic quality of this model. 1/72 yikes!!
  2. More then just slightly ahead I would say. Just received mine. Very fine detail, very crisp and especially the super thin and consistent panel lines are of a very high level. Bought it together with the Eduard 1/72 Spitfire mk IX but I rate the panels lines of this ICM kit higher.
  3. Hello All, So I signed up specifically to reply to this topic, and my apologies for it being inactive for a few years. Possibly the Topic Starter has long stopped this built but perhaps some fellow builders will still benefit. I googled like crazy and could not find this answer (bare with me :-) ). I too purchased the new edition of the Airfix 1/12 Bentley, so the new style (post Hornby Airfix rescue) reissue (2014 issue year I think) with the great 3D artwork on the box top and the grey injection moulded parts. My kit too had dreadful thick chrome, flash on the parts simply chrom
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