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  1. Some really good textures on there. A lot of thought going into the detailing, a proper story taking shape
  2. Can't see anything wrong with your camo, looks great to me
  3. Right, I tried a bit of dot-to-dot painting and I think it's an improvement. Probably stick with this and get on with the weathering I'll take another look at it tomorrow and see if I still like it. On the plus side, it seems to bring out the zimmerit more
  4. Well hopefully this one won't be as problematic as my last two GBs, it's a Tamiya kit, what could possibly go wrong? If this kit has an Achilles heel I'll find it (see what I did?) Slightly late to the party but the build did start last Thursday, here are the box & contents A barrel and some aerials and some brass shells I started with the crew figures which look pretty good for kit ones, not sure if they'll be used on the completed model yet I also obtained a set of AFV Cub decals because the Tamiya ones aren't D-Day specific So, let Operation Overlord commence
  5. Been busy but progressing slightly Tried replicating the cammo shown on the Zvezda illustration sheet provided, not entirely convinced by it (looks like Mr Blobby to me) so need to give it some thought, strip and start again or modify what I have. I suppose I should try modifying it first
  6. Oh I do love a Typhoon, shame I'm so hopeless with aircraft Never mind, I'll enjoy watching yours come together instead
  7. A couple of quick photos, this is where I am at the moment. There probably wont be much progress this week as it's a 5 night-shift week and the D-Day GB starts soon so what little time I have will be fairly intensive but I do enjoy having a model or two at the build stage while I'm painting another and swap between them A bit of light shading The base coat So cammo next and then on to the weathering Cheers, Andy
  8. Hi, here's a catch-up with progress, photos were taken over the last few days Firstly the top goes on with the breech, barrel isn't fixed yet for ease of handling The rest of the zimmerit applied and Mr. surfacer on the cast areas to give it some texture This one shows gaps in the zimmerit This one shows the part that I made to replace the omitted one, also the sledge hammer and it's holder were molded as a solid rectangle so I tried to give it some shape Wierdly, lifting handles are supplied for the centre engine grill but the 2 side ones have solid molded blobs so they came off and new ones made with old brass p.e. frets The bottom photo shows the zimmerit gap on the other side After chipping away some of it I primed the model to see what the zimmerit looked like (If you stare really hard...) and fitted the last few bits, tow cables and some spare track links Another quick blow over with the primer today and I should be able to start on the paint this weekend Cheers, Andy
  9. Hi, can I join in please, another 1963 I'm afraid and I'd like to build the Takom FV432 APC if I can get hold of one. I always fancied having a go at the interior, it looks a very nice kit to build
  10. Sorry it's taken so long to reply, night shifts again this week The kit does supply zim for that panel, I just hadn't got around to fitting it when the photo was taken I've almost completed the building phase and I have to say the zimmerit isn't great, it goes on OK but the relief is so flat, just have to see what paint & weathering does to it, I have a feeling it will become almost invisible Other than that it's a decent kit, nice clean molding and fairly good fit. One odd thing with it, a part is completely omitted from the sprues, the instructions call for it but there is no such part, the locating lug is molded perfectly but the part just isn't there, I know I'm not going crazy because the box art includes a photo of the completed model and it's missing on theirs too, luckily it wasn't a difficult part to scratch together from plasticard so nothing major to worry about just something I've never come across before Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, I'll be sure to post the latest batch of photos asap Cheers,Andy
  11. Here are some photo's of progres so far Everything seems to be well molded but positioning of parts can be a little vague and the instruction manual is a bit Dragon-like in it's (in)accuracy Still not convinced by the zimmerit decals, very low relief quite a few gaps and too neat but they go on OK and I'm committed now so I'll plough on with them and see if they can be improved later
  12. Thanks for the encouragement chaps. I've decided to give the zimmerit decals a go and see what it looks like. They're going on reasonably well with the help of plenty of decal softener but not sure what they'll look like under a few coats of paint The hull tub to glacis fit is a little disconcerting, may need to get a fresh supply of filler
  13. OK, got a couple of days off work so I can get going on this, here's the box photo's for starters Looks pretty decent, let's see
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