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  1. Cool - thanks Will avoid & keep looking
  2. Aldi have a compressor on sale this week. Knowing literally nothing about compressors and airbrushes, what I would like to know is - is this suitable for use with an airbrush? Is this viable as a first compressor, or would I just be asking for problems by going down this route? Brand: Ferrex Capacity: 24L Product Type: Power Tools Wattage: 1800W Weight: 26kg (approx.) Keep all your air tools powered the simple way with this 2.5Hp Air Compressor. With a compact design with wheels for easy movement, this is a practical addition to any workspace or garage. Features 2.5 HP motor Ergonomically designed handle and wheels for easy movement Air displacement: 262 l/min, 9.3 CFM Compressor speed: 2850 1/min Rated voltage: 230V/50HZ 8 Bar max. working pressure Operating pressure approx. 8 bar Outlet pressure regulator Theoretical intake capacity: 262 l/min Protection type: IP20 Sound level: 97 dB Twin air outlets Guarantee/Warranty: 3 years
  3. Tube station car park today - One of the new Aston Martin Vantages. Although they look quite small in the photos I've seen of them, they're not that small. Love the look, especially the little kick up spoiler at the back
  4. Was overtaken tonight on the A40 by a Sierra estate - nowhere as nice condition as this one, but interestingly had a Cosworth style bonnet. Was driving, so couldn't get a photo. Also spotted (on Monday) a TR7 convertible (not a TR8, as the badge on the back was very definitely TR7), again, I was driving, so couldn't get a photo.
  5. Not spotted today (only just found this thread and only signed up a short while ago)... Marcos Mantula at services on the M40 or M6 (can't remember which, but it was on the way to Manchester)
  6. Thanks for the pointer - I've ordered the White Ensign PE accessories Great work on yours btw. Hope mine looks even half as good as that!
  7. Anyone know of any 1/24 or bigger kits of this? Even from obscure manufacturers? My skills are not up to scratch building (I wouldn't have a clue where to even start!) Thanks Richard
  8. I don't have any experience of using one, but would be interested in hearing about your experience if you ever did manage to get one.
  9. Managed to track down an unbuilt HMS Fearless kit on eBay (I had memories of building butchering one of these as a child and thought it would be a good kit to start back with the hobby again with (albeit about 35 years later). What I hadn't remembered was just how basic the kit looks (I've managed to pick up various PE details for some of the other kits in my stash, but suspect that this might be a tad too old for anything like that to be readily available). I'm effectively new to the hobby (I was pretty dire at it as a youth, but I think the years have improved my skills and my patience), so scratch building is out of the question - in the absence of kit specific enhancements are there any viable PE accessories or other detail enhancements that I could use to improve the kit (thinking generic railings etc)? Currently have no idea where to look (I sourced my other PE accessories via Amazon & the Eduard website), so suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks Richard
  10. The lenses will work with a newer Canon body, assuming that you want to go down that route. Once you have a digital body, you can then start considering what lenses you need and whether the existing lenses are worth keeping etc. Do you know what the 4 lenses are? That would certainly help us determine how useful they'll be to you and what sort of value they might have if you wanted to sell them on.
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