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  1. Saw this article, may be useful for anyone doing the Tamiya Toyota GT1 model. I did this one many years ago! Photos aren’t particularly great but hopefully of help, if you are serious though I guess you could buy it and reference directly https://racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Details/100284/engine-for-toyota-gt-one---r36v
  2. Lovely build mate. Those carbon decals look a nightmare how did you find them?
  3. Thanks everyone. I'll give the Tamiya thin glue a shot and see how I get on Ian T thanks for that. Draz87, the kit itself is fine. Its quite a while since I put the engine and that together though but I don't remember anything ridiculous, depends how fussy you are on things like moulding marks etc. Its quite a straightforward build if you are just doing it out of the box, the cockpit isn't very detailed. Had to file down a couple of bits to get them to go together properly, the two front brake ducts in the nose spring to mind, there's little holes in the floor they sit in the w
  4. Very nice build, I have the Revell kit stashed away somewhere.
  5. hatzenbach88


    Hello everyone, just checking in. I build cars, generally 1/24 scale sports cars either Tamiya or Revell. Have been modelling on and off (emphasis on the off) since I was a kid. Just finished a Sauber Mercedes C9 model that I started about 15 years ago! It's in the ready for inspection section if anyone fancies a look at my shoddy work! For some reason I had never joined this forum before, used to use pistonheads for modelling chat but that is generally only car related modelling there.
  6. Well that took a while, about 15 years to be exact! I started this model when I was in my teens and finished it tonight aged 30. It’s been done in stages with varying equipment and skill levels. From what I can remember… Sorry photos haven't turned out the best, the "soft focus" hides some of my blunders I did all the chassis stuff years ago, it’s all brush painted. To be honest I don’t think I did that bad a job of the engine and suspension components. The larger areas that I have brushed are a bit pants but overall its not bad. Worth saying at this
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