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  1. Hi Dave first off I’m really sorry for the late reply and thank you for the time you took to reply I really appreciate it. I haven’t started the model yet but feel a lot more confident with your idea of fitting the deck. Once again please accept my apology for not replying sooner. Thank you
  2. Hi can anyone give me some advice for fitting a wooden deck please The make is a shipyard works deck which I will fit to a flyhawk Bismark kit. I know once you drop it in place that’s it can’t be moved but I have heard if you mix white glue with water and apply it to the back of the deck, it will give you a chance to align it before it sets, just wondering what everyone thinks. thank you
  3. Hello everyone Hope someone can help me out on this topic, I’ve bought the old Airfix model kit of the Queen Elizabeth 1/600 scale and I am wanting to add windows to the bare superstructure by making them out of decals. As I’ve never done anything like this before I am looking for advice on a computer program to design them or the best way to go about it. Thank you Paul
  4. Hi everybody I’ve had some great help and advice from people on here but can anyone tell me how to combat dust when painting. No matter how hard I try I always end up with dust on large areas, or hull etc. Ive tried washing it down before spraying, using tac clothes, dabbing with sticky tape, and of course closing doors and windows. would be grateful for any advice thank you all
  5. Absolutely brilliant Can I ask the paint mix for the funnels and how you shaded the deck Once again fantastic build worthy of a museum.
  6. Absolutely fantastic I've just bought the minicraft one along with some PE and a wooden deck. Went with the wooden deck as there is no way at the moment I could get mine to look anywhere near yours by painting. could you tell us how you did it, I've sen a number of YouTube videos on this subject but just interested to know how you did it. Once again great build
  7. Hello everyone I am soon to undertake my next project of building the Minicraft kit of the Titanic and was looking for some advice of how best to paint the yellow line which separates the white and black sections on the hull. My fear is being able to keep the line at an equally width down the length of the hull, my thoughts are to use Tamiya flexi tape of the correct width if available sandwiched between masking tape, removing the flexi tape after so giving me a perfect line of the correct width, does this sound good ? Also I intend to clear coat the line before painting it to stop any bleed through. Be grateful for any other ideas if anyone has any. Thank youb
  8. Sorry Stuart I meant to say 1/700 scale
  9. Thank you Chewbacca Both you and Jamie have been a help thank you
  10. Thank you once again Jamie for your help i guess the only way is practice with your tips thank you
  11. Please excuse my questions So as I understand after the base coat you broke it up into sections and used the different tones for each. In my head I see you would take a line of blanks from the front to the back of the section of deck, paint it with one shade and than the next line of planks with another shade, or would you randomly move between shades. Sorry for my ignorance just broken into the hobby
  12. Hi Jamie Thank you for the tips, at first when I saw the picture I thought it was a verneer deck it is that convincing. I take it between the shades of colour it was blended in ? did you dry brush it over base coat. It does look convincing and thanks again
  13. Absolutely brilliant ! I've thrown mine away in the bin after looking at your pictures, one can only strive to your level. Can I ask how you went about weathering the propellers and the anchor.
  14. Hi everyone Does anyone have any tips for painting plastic wooden decks, making them look realistic ? Thank you again
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