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  1. Hello everybody Looking for some help please I am building the Flyhawk Deluxe 1/700 Bismark with PE The problem I have is I have two instruction sheets for the PE but none of them covers the railing identification for the forward superstructure from the second deck up from the main deck all the way to the bridge and deck above. Not sure if this instruction sheet was left out of the kit or your meant to guess yourself which railings to use. Has anyone built this deluxe kit and can help please. Thank you
  2. Thanks Terry If sovereign hobbies doesn’t have these in stock do you know a match from another paint manufacturer ie Tamiya ? Thanks
  3. Hi Jamie Do you have these colours in stock ? Thanks
  4. Hi Can someone recommend a close colour match for RN warships both superstructure and decks please One last question has anyone used Humbrol paint for airbrushing ? Any recommendations for thinning and pressure please Thank you
  5. No worries, I don’t intend starting the model yet So no rush. Thanks again Paul
  6. Hi Jamie Thanks for coming back to me. I did drop you a note on your web site asking when you expect delivery of the mentioned paints, Do you have any idea when you may have stock in ? Thanks
  7. Hi guys can someone recommend the correct shade of grey for the hull and deck for the Trumpeter HMS Exeter please. I would prefer to use acrylic paint. I have looked on sovereign hobbies website but they have sold out of the grey they recommend. Thank you
  8. Thanks again As you say build up with very fine coats and a little closer. one last question would a retardant help ? And if so how much would you add
  9. Thank you for the interesting information most helpful
  10. Thank you Nils I have tried the white rattle can over a light grey primer, but it didn’t seem to cover that well on some of the raised detail, I think now it was because I may have not put the white on with lighter coats.
  11. Hi Jamie Thank you for the advice, as I’m using Tamiya acrylic white I’m also using Tamiya thinners, would you recommend their thinners ? I am using a 0.2 needle with a pressure of 15 psi Thank again
  12. Thanks Chris I have tried all the above but I’m thinking it’s more luck than anything else and as you said I have been told white is a pain to work with. thanks for your reply
  13. Hi Everyone I seem to have a problem when it comes to air brushing white paint, I'm left with a rough almost gritty finish. I've tried different brands of paint, Tamiya, Mr Colour etc along with the thinners they recomend, and used a primer. I've increased and decreased the pressure and distance I spray from but still end up with a bad finish. White is the only colour I have a problem with, I have used a spray can
  14. Firstly I like to apologise to both Giorgio and Chewbacca for not thanking you until now for your time taken in answering my question. Sorry once again guys, but I'm in the British Merchant Navy and have been away and as some of you old sea dogs may know the internet is not always the fastest even when it does work ! Your information was very helpful and I hope to put it into practice soon. Thanks again
  15. Hi Dave first off I’m really sorry for the late reply and thank you for the time you took to reply I really appreciate it. I haven’t started the model yet but feel a lot more confident with your idea of fitting the deck. Once again please accept my apology for not replying sooner. Thank you
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