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  1. I do like that Canadian SAR livery - possible option for my Tamiya when I get a chance...
  2. IIRC sometime in the '90s I recall reading a magazine article which detailed a Manchester conversion (not sure from which Lanc) which involved cutting slices/sections from the Lanc wing to fabricate a Manchester wing (unless I've dreamt it?). It had cross-sections/details of the Vultures and details of the third fin for those to be scratch built. Probably one of the mainstream UK magazines from the time?
  3. Spotted this on the BBC's website: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-56130157 Hopefully one day they'll get her airborne. John
  4. Looking forward to following this, four of them flew over my school at lunchtime in the '80s on their way back north having had some upgrade work done locally. Splendid sight & sound.
  5. I'll be following this, hopefully to pick up some ideas for interior detailing. I have an Airfix Sunderland which I haven't built mostly because I have no idea what to do with the very empty interior. John.
  6. Bit late to this. I heard a similar story back in the '80s, the rumour was apparently related to a Lanc/Halifax tail gunner where the tail 'spun' down like a sycamore seed...
  7. I think I built one of those (probably Airfix), I remember it because the under-wing stores seemed to be all drop tanks (4 at least), when sat on it's wheels there was hardly any ground clearance.
  8. I'll be following this with interest. I have Tamiya's Dambuster/Grand Slam and BI/III kits (waiting for my skills to improve before I tackle them). I quite like the sleeker lines without the mid-upper turret and the cammo paint job (and also the Lancastrian). Although I am curious if/when the 'Lincoln' rudders made it to post-war Lancs (as per PA474 in the book cover above)? John.
  9. I really like the look of the ASR version, pleased to see it expertly done in camo. I built the old kit many years ago and have the new one in a cupboard. I seem to remember having lots of trouble with the undercarriage doors and how to paint the fairing between the canopy and turret. I still struggle to work out how someone decided a turret fighter would work, but have enormous respect for anyone who flew in one (particularly the gunner who doesn't look like he'd have an easy escape route if needed).
  10. No offence taken, that's all _very_ ancient history, well forgotten. If anyone can help with colour schemes for Perry Miniatures War of the Roses Infantry, I'd be grateful for any advice...
  11. Mine was an Airfix 1/72 Henschell (126 I think - canopy but open at the rear?), can't remember much more about it. My Dad was instrumental in showing me what the various glue/don't glue symbols meant and very particular about making sure props would spin once the cement had dried. Next was an Airfix 1/72 Spitfire & Bf110 dogfight double - I bought another a few decades later and still remembered the horrendous fit of that Bf110 nose cone.
  12. Hi All, I'm John from Lancashire. I joined a while ago but before I could say hello something went awry if life which has occupied much of my time since. Lockdown has led to the space I had planned for a workbench being turned into home office space so I'm looking at setting something 'temporary' up. I've been modelling since the late 70's with various gaps in between, mostly WWII & Cold War military aircraft (mostly 1/72nd with some 1/48th). I was brought up on Airfix & Matchbox (3-colour era) with some Revell and Heller but later branched out to Tamiya, Academy and others
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