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  1. Are you planning to use the Eduard cockpit with a Mk XIV instrument panel?
  2. Despite the original kit having the 6-3 extension as a separate piece, this incorporates the extension with the slats so the new upper wing part is 6-3. For a narrow chord, you would need to cut out a 6-3 sliver from that and also the lower part of the leading edge. Why didn't they just design it the way the real aircraft was and bolt it forward of the spar?
  3. Eduard Aim-7s seem to scale up slightly large. You might find the missiles are too big for the fwd recesses and the fins overhang the bottom of the intake splitter plates. I've found this to be the case on both Hasegawa and Academy F-4s.
  4. All fairly appropriate since British Aggregates has more input to the radar than British Aerospace did!
  5. Speedy Prior to 92, there was only 1 Puma permanently in NI and that was indeed manned on a Det basis by 33 Sqn crews. Lovely work but as an aside, the profile on the side of the roof changed markedly once the PIPs were added. Yours still features the original roof.
  6. Looking at the Airfix F.4 sprues, it looks like there may be a future release with slatted wings in a similar vein to the separate Hunter boxings. Maybe at last a slatted narrow chord sabre?
  7. Steve, I've just had a look and found lots of stuff on the interior. If you want to PM me, I can send it on unless someone can give me a steer on hosting pics.
  8. Great start Steve but you've mis-interpreted the photo that you think shows a switch box on the seat adjust lever. There was nothing attached to the lever, I can't quite work out what that small box is, but it's certainly in the foreground. The lever simply would not work with a box that big on it. If I can work out a hosting site, I'll put some interior pictures up.
  9. Let the history lesson continue. There had been a roulement Puma presence in NI for many years when 72 Sqn served alone and unafraid with the mighty Wessex. P3 was manned on a detachment basis by crews from 33 & 230 sqn. The Bat badge was created by 230 Sqn in the late 80s because that was just the sort of thing they did when they weren't at Tiger Meets or generally larking around the West German plain. There is no way certain a OC 230 Sqn in the mid 90s would have countenanced that sort of non-conformity trust me!
  10. Sammy, what you are referring to as P2 is not the same as Rick. P4 was simply an upgrade to P3. Rick's P2 had no specific scheme. Although P3 also referred to its original Pleasant 3 title as already been alluded to, once 230 sqn arrived, the daily programme line simply listed aircraft by number, thus generally Puma 1 to about 6 (depending on serviceability). Usually, each aircraft line was assigned to a specific region where all landing sites were colour coded , S Armagh - reds, Fermanagh - greens etc. P3 naturally was allocated accordingly. By this stage, NVG operations were standard at night so Nitesuns hardly ever fitted.
  11. Biggest problem with the 1/32 Puma is that when Revell added the PIPS (dust filters), they failed to update the intake area which changed markedly. Just google any mid 70s era pictures and then look at anything from the early 80s onwards. You need to be quite specific on the timescale you want to model as there were a number of smaller mods that appeared in the early 90s. Once 230 Sqn became established in NI, the peace process and then Bosnian conflicts saw lots of minor equipment re-roles on a temp basis. I saw you tried to garner some response on the SHFNI thread, most of us were too tired or p*****d to remember any details from that far back but one day, somebody will write a bloody good book!
  12. Save all the stress, buy the new Tamiya one in a couple of months.
  13. Aires have finally updated their resin set for the recently re-released FGR.2 in 1/48. They finally fit! Make sure it's set 4770, they're virtually idedntical detail wise to the old set. The tubes are the same diameter but feature different internal texture, the nozzles are the same in detail but now correct in diameter.
  14. It certainly beats the Academy in shape and construction. Just a few odd details already mentioned plus the undercarriage doors don't feature any retraction oleos or linkages. Academy's was more detailed although they got some of it wrong still. Nosewheel looks like it's off a pram. Also the gun troughs are no better than Academy's.
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